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Trident Kit

(32 reviews)

The All In One web3 toolbox to Mint, Bid, Flip, Farm, Raffle, Generate and more.

Introducing Trident Kit – your ultimate gateway to skyrocketing profits and generating wealth in the Web3 space!

This comprehensive suite offers powerful tools like minters, snipers, farmers, and an incredibly supportive community.

Trident Kit guarantees an unparalleled experience that’ll help you thrive in the Web3 revolution!

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Trident Kit

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Optimized UI/UX
Delivering the best user experience through agility and simplicity.
Fastest Minter in the Market
We offer a state-of-the-art solution to support all kinds of drops from ETH to Ordinals and Base.
Airdrop Farmer
The smartest multi-chain airdrop farmer supporting Zksync-lite, Zksync-era, Scroll, Magic Eden, D1 and much more!
SocialFi Mode
Social Fi airdrop farmer is a top-of-the-line farmer for every social task where you can bulk farm multiple accounts.
Smartest Blur & Tensor Bidder
The most advanced bidder algorithm that can be used and customized for different modules.
MagicEden Ordinals Sniper
Have you tried any other sniper? Our sniper is, without comparison, the most practical one to use.
Full Wallets Manager
We provide a full wallet manager to help you control your wallets so you can make any transaction seamlessly.
24/7 Dedicated Support
Enjoy market-leading customer service and a fantastic community in our free discord server.
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
4.91 out of 5
(32 reviews)
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3 months ago
Awesome team and product. Always upgrading and providing new additions to the service. Farmed Tensor and Zsyknc easily and looking forward to what the team brings on next
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3 months ago
These guys build excellent products. The bots are awesome and always up to date with fixes and additions. The team is quick and always kind to respond to tickets. Trident printsss!
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Tom Chiquito#9002
3 months ago
Great product, already did more than 10k with Trident
Where do I get my license key and download link?
Once you join our discord with a "monthly" role, you will get your download link and license key directly!
I have a lot of questions to ask!
Feel free to direct message us on Twitter or join our Discord and submit a ticket!
NFTs minter is the same as Trident Kit?
NFTs minter was the name of our first software, we always listened to our users and evolved fulfilling all their needs we moved to Trident Kit where the software is now much more than just minter.
Why should I trust you?
Trident Kit is not our first project. Our company supports more than 50,000 users and guarantees a seamless experience.
What is the difference between minting a pass or trying a monthly key?
Minting Trident Kit Pass will allow you to own a TKP NFT and access the software for a year!
About the seller
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Trident Kit
Reselling β€’ NFTs

32 reviews

Alpha NFTs and web3 Toolbox! With unmatched speed! Fantastic community and an excellent support team; join us for a good ride! πŸ˜‰ We offer a cheaper alternative to the expensive web3 software with the same efficiency, higher speed, and much more features! πŸ€“

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