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Wealth Notify

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The #1 Group Teaching You To Make Money Online

Wealth Notify offers a premium membership for our members who are looking to take their reselling business to this next level.

Within this section we offer:

Extensive Release Guides and Information

Whether you are an experienced reseller or new to the resell market, whether you bot or go for shoes manually, Wealth Notify has you covered with all of the information you could need to successfully buy and resell shoes and other items online. We provide detailed release guides for every profitable release, to ensure that you are successful.

Botting Information

Wealth Notify has a team of experienced botters who are able to teach, and help you become a successful botter to secure limited releases for retail.

Exclusive Consignment Info

With consignment you are able to maximize your profits, and sell your shoes for way above market value. Within Wealth we have multiple consignment shops that are exclusive to this community, giving our members the opportunity to supply inventory to these stores, and receive high payouts from sales within these stores.

Free ACO

ACO is an auto checkout service that Wealth Notify provides for its members. This consists of our experienced staff using their bots to buy shoes for you for retail. This service is offered to our Premium members completely for free.

Cashout Buyers

Wealth Notify offers buyers within our server that you will be able to secure presales with, and that will buy your inventory from you.

1 on 1 support and mentorships

Wealth Notify provides 1 on 1 support for every one of its members, ensuring their success within this server. For information, questions, or anything at all, our staff is here to help our members.

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Extensive Release Guides
We provide detailed release guides for every profitable release
Instant Alerts/Information
Wealth Notify Provides instant alerts and info for every release
Exclusive Consignment Info
We have multiple consignment stores that are exclusive to Wealth Notify, maximizing our members profits
Botting Information
Wealth Notify has a team of experienced botters who are able to help you buy releases for retail
ACO Service
Wealth Notify has an experienced team of staff who will use their bots to buy you shoes for retail
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Customer reviews
4.93 out of 5
(11 reviews)
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18d ago
Before I joined this discord I was on food stamps and eating ramen everyday and decided I wanted a better life and took a shot at this group and they cooked for me right away! Point is Now I’m eating steak and lobster and group is great! If you guys are debating wether or not to join… JOIN UP!!!
Purchased Premium membership 1 month ago
User avatar
1 month ago
First 3 months, over $3k profit, not even a question if you should join :)
Purchased Premium membership 3 months ago
User avatar
4 months ago
Absolutely amazing cook group, have helped me tremendously through any and every drop, heavily encourage anybody iffy to join asap!
Purchased Free Waiting Room 4 months ago
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Wealth Notify
Reselling • Sneakers

11 reviews

Wealth Notify is a premium reselling group. We cater to every member, and provide a 1 on 1 mentorship experience. To find out if this group is right for you, join our free waiting room and contact the owners!

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