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Wealth Empire

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Trading Made Easy ⚔️

Grab our FREE eBook to begin to understand the very basics of options trading! With 18 complete chapters, this ebook offers some crazy value for the price of exactly ZERO dollars. Enjoy 🙏

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Gain access to daily live trading sessions and Q&A’s hosted by Colin Jones.
Get a full list of high-probability options trades we are looking at for the following day.
Trade Alerts
Get options/futures signals every market day with trade recaps explaining why we entered/exited.
Long-term Shares
Get a full list of our long-term share picks that are constantly being monitored and updated.
Trading Floor
Join our private chat where you will meet hundreds of unique individuals who will help you further your trading journey.
Account Challenges
Follow our small/large account challenges and see how far you can take your port!
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1 month ago
Thank you
Purchased 1 month ago
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2 months ago
Purchased 2 months ago
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3 months ago
Very good points and how to learn how to make some money and being successful
Purchased 3 months ago
How long have you been trading for?
Our team of analysts have been trading for over 20 years total. They each have tons of experience in all market conditions and are always there to help you be the best trader you can be.
What is your success rate?
Every single trade that has ever been signaled will be in the #daily-recap channel at the very top of the Discord. After 1 year in business our success rate is roughly 85%.
How much money should I start with?
Obviously, it's always good to have more money starting out. However, we recommend having paper trading until you're profitable on that before depositing a minimum of $300 to trade with so that you can properly diversify your portfolio.
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
Unfortunately, since we provide proprietary knowledge, signals, and tools, we cannot offer you a refund. However, if you wish to cancel your subscription, you are free to do so.
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Wealth Empire
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61 reviews

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Wealth Empire provides education-based live trading to give both new and experienced traders an edge in the markets.

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