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Unlock Crypto Wealth: Expert Education, Charts & Exclusive Community

Wealth Group is currently the top crypto currency community and learning group globally! Don't miss out on your chance to join and learn from the best. Signups are only available twice a month. Secure your spot by signing up to our waitlist today!

  • Comprehensive charts and trading signals, such as leverage, spot, and long-term trading
  • Learn effective risk management & profitable trading techniques to aid your trading
  • Expert opinions from professionals in the field
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals
  • A dedicated NFT hub for discussions and whitelists
  • Engaging educational courses and content
  • Private livestreams and real-time trade demonstrations
  • Professional portfolio management guidance
  • Exciting $1k to $10k challenges
  • Personalized one-on-one mentorship sessions
  • Daily sports bets with analysis from our professional capper

While many members initially join for trading and profits, they often remain with us due to the invaluable insights we provide and the close-knit community we've built. For questions about Wealth Group, please dm us directly on our twitter: @Wealthgroup_

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Premium Access

Gain access to our exclusive livestreams with real-time trade demonstrations from our staff
One-on-One Sessions
Schedule regular, personalized meetings with professional traders to ensure your success
Trading Education
Learn effective risk management techniques and develop profitable trading skill from engaging courses and content
Comprehensive Charts
View daily trading charts and options plays to stay one step ahead of the markets
$1k → $10k Challenge
Follow exciting $1k to $10k challenges with our top Crypto experts!
Daily Sports Bets
Receive daily sports bets with analysis from our professional capper
Customer Q&A
Q: Hi how can i suscribe and pay by crypto??
A: If you go to our market place.. You select " WWG crypto payment access " payment selection
Asked on May 27, 2023
Q: which option i have to select for trading signals? I used before this channel
A: You have two payment options. Payment option 1: You can pay by card/applepay Payment option 2: You can pay by using crypto.
Asked on May 25, 2023
Q: How can I cancel the membership, if I won´t extend my membership?
A: You can cancel your membership at anytime directly under your whop profile that gets created once you sign up!
Asked on Jul 2, 2023
Q: Will i be accepted if i have zero knowledge in trading? But im really interested to learn
A: Yes, we provide educational courses that teach the basics and more advanced education of crypto. We also provide a concierge service that will answer any specific quetions that you need answered We host daily private streams for members so that they can ask questions We have members from zero experience to 8+ years experience in crypto. Everyone is welcomed here
Asked on May 27, 2023
Q: i want to pay with crypto, is it need to be payed only with coinbase?
A: Coinbase is the crypto payment processor we use to accept crypto payments. You can use any web 3 wallet to send payments such as Metamask & Trust wallet.
Asked on Jun 24, 2023
Customer reviews
4.91 out of 5
(879 reviews)
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14h ago
Its my 1st month, Getting detailed Technical analysis on every coin. 24/7 support which I loved it because You get to know which is the best price point to enter and get decent profits
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16h ago
The support in this group is amazing and that's why I'm still here. This group always has activity everyday and I can always get a response instantaneously from the staff. I'm a 9-5 professional and crypto trading/investing is just what I do on the side to grow my wealth. This is my 2nd BTC cycle and I've had 0 trading experience. As a beginner, I refer to this group every day for macro market updates, calls, learning technical analysis, and just asking questions whenever I'm stuck. I'm primarily impressed with just the staff on the WWG team. It's professionally ran and although there can be some improvements for completely new beginners, just having experienced traders that you can always ask questions is so invaluable. I've made a few 2-3x's with some of the calls, but this is on the low end of the spectrum in contrast to what other members have done. What I do differently is formulate my own theses, and utilize the traders' knowledge to reinforce my own. So far in this cycle, I've been able to turn my four figure portfolio into six within just a half a year. Considering I live paycheck to paycheck right now if we disregard my investments, I thought the price was a bit steep at first, but it's paid itself back quickly. I would at least give this group a few months. It takes some time to figure out how to use WWG to your own benefit, since it's not standardized for newbies (which would be my only criticism), but the excellent support from the staff does make up for it.
User avatar
17h ago
This is truly one of the groups that is worth paying for if you're interested in learning how to trade. Beautiful educational material combined with experienced traders responding to any question at the blink of an eye. Signals are just a bonus.
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Wealth Group
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Wealth Group is an exclusive cryptocurrency community focused on: ✨ Educational Content ✨ Chart Ideas ✨ NFTs ✨ Plus More

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