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Win The Day Discord

(25 reviews)

Win The Day, Everyday

Join an interactive community of consistently profitable day traders with proven winning strategies. I’m not here to just give buy/sell alerts, in fact it’s the opposite. The goal is to accelerate the process of reaching that next level in your trading career with educational videos and live intraday walkthroughs so you can aquire the tools needed to be consistantly profitable long term. With a subscription you get exclusive access to my private discord with all my educational content as well as the features below.

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Real time trading education
With live voice trading every day, you will hear exactly why I'm entering trades and what I'm seeing explained in depth.
24/7 support
Direct message at any time for specific questions and help.
Premium youtube access
Members will have access to all my private educational videos and trade recaps.
Daily charts
I post at least 10 charts everyday with supply and demand zones and technical analysis.
Futures, options, crypto.
We trade futures, options and crypto so whatever your preference is we have it. All using the same strategies.
Other pro traders and individuals willing to help anybody that wants to learn. We all hold each other accountable.
Custom algorithms
Members get exclusive access to the moose bot algorithm that provides precise and accurate data for confirmation.
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Customer reviews
4.93 out of 5
(25 reviews)
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13d ago
Great community for both experienced and new traders.
Purchased Premium access 4 months ago
2 months ago
Outstanding trading community led by JohnB! Extremely accurate charts posted daily, live trade entries posted via voice and Discord app, engaging host and participant traders with daily conversations, highly recommended
Purchased Premium access 7 months ago
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4 months ago
I first came across JohnB through another server and, honestly, I thought he was the best thing about that server. Something about his down-to-earth style and matter-of-factness just resonated with me, so when I saw he was starting his own I jumped on it and am truly happy and thankful I made the commitment. There are no doubt other great servers out there but there’s something about the WinTheDay community that just feels special – from JohnB’s ability to walk through each of his trades in real time, what he’s looking for, why he's looking for it, and what he’s doing while in it, to his constant focus on all aspects of education and what it takes to make it in this game, to the exceptional and supportive group of likeminded and focused individuals, this community, as one member puts it, “feels like home.”
Purchased WinTheDay Pass - 2 1 year ago
Will this recharge on the 1st of the month or every 30 days from signup?
It is reoccurring every 30 days from the date you signed up. so, you don't have to worry about waiting until the 1st to sign up.
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Trading • General

25 reviews

First you win the day, then that turns into weeks, then that turns into years. Consistancy is key!

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