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Win The Day Discord

(30 reviews)

Win The Day, Everyday

Join an interactive community of consistently profitable day traders with proven winning strategies. I’m not here to just give buy/sell alerts, in fact it’s the opposite. The goal is to accelerate the process of reaching that next level in your trading career with educational videos and live intraday walkthroughs so you can aquire the tools needed to be consistantly profitable long term. With a subscription you get exclusive access to my private discord with all my educational content as well as the features below.

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Real time trading education
With live voice trading every day, you will hear exactly why I'm entering trades and what I'm seeing explained in depth.
24/7 support
Direct message at any time for specific questions and help.
Premium youtube access
Members will have access to all my private educational videos and trade recaps.
Daily charts
I post at least 10 charts everyday with supply and demand zones and technical analysis.
Futures, options, crypto.
We trade futures, options and crypto so whatever your preference is we have it. All using the same strategies.
Other pro traders and individuals willing to help anybody that wants to learn. We all hold each other accountable.
Custom algorithms
Members get exclusive access to the moose bot algorithm that provides precise and accurate data for confirmation.
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Customer reviews
4.87 out of 5
(30 reviews)
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2 months ago
Only been a part of John’s discord for about a week, but in that little time I’ve seen what it really takes to become a successful trader. He is committed to his community and will answer any question thrown at him. Best part is he won’t beat around the bush either. At the end of the day he’s here to help us all become better individuals in every aspect of life including trading. The community is very helpful as well. They are all there to support each other and root each other to become better. Highly recommend trying it out you won’t be disappointed
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2 months ago
JohnB is the best trader I have ever seen and he is changing lives in the discord. Thank you for all I have learned and my confidence level is through the roof. I am no longer intimidated by the markets.
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2 months ago
John is awesome. The best thing about this discord is the way John just tells it how it is. No bullshit, no smoke up your ass, and doesn't tell you what you WANT to hear, but what you NEED to hear. I have learned patience, discipline, account management. He calls everything out live, so you know what he is seeing. He explains everything. He is a genuine guy, and goes above and beyond to help if you need it. The discord as a whole is a big family. There are other great traders as well, and they will help whenever you ask. None of them make you feel stupid. Joining this discord was life changing for me.
Will this recharge on the 1st of the month or every 30 days from signup?
It is reoccurring every 30 days from the date you signed up. so, you don't have to worry about waiting until the 1st to sign up.
About the seller
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Trading • General

30 reviews

First you win the day, then that turns into weeks, then that turns into years. Consistancy is key!

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