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Creating a community of consistently profitable day traders with proven winning strategies. I’m not here to just give buy/sell alerts, in fact it’s the opposite. The goal is to accelerate the process of reaching that next level in your trading career with education and live** intraday walkthroughs**. With a subscription you get exclusive access to the private discord with all my educational content as well as

• Live trading Every dayOptions trades and ideas • Futures trades and ideas • 24/7 access to questions and mentorshipCrypto trades and ideas • Daily charts with S&D zones for at least 10 tickers • Weekly educational videos • Weekly **live sessions ** • Charts and trade recaps and walkthrough • Whole community full of people getting better everyday, we all learn from each other as we continue to grow.


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(16 reviews)
3 days ago
John is great and I love his winning attitude and inspiration. He makes amazing call outs and teaches along the way. If you want to learn and have someone actually interact with you then WinTheDay is the place for you.
Purchased 3 months ago
a month ago
John is legit!! Very gracious that he gives his time to educate. If you are willing to learn #wintheday will give you a path to make less mistakes.
Purchased 5 months ago
2 months ago
Been in the room since the inception. Supply & Demand is a basic concept that you could learn anywhere and John makes it straightforward. What sets JohnB apart is his focus on risk management, being disciplined in trading and the earned understanding that trading is mostly a mental game. He genuinely has made all the mistakes and wants to be the person/mentor he wishes he had. I appreciate the risk management a million times a day, and appreciate that the members are all interested in improving and learning, there are no stupid questions and there are a lot of solid traders in here. I also appreciate that there is minimal side chatter/memes/whatever, although it can happen a little in slow market periods it is not an endless distraction like in many other discords. This is a place to learn. Also, since you are researching reading these reviews, go read Trading in the zone before you do anything else whether you join or not.
Purchased 7 months ago
Will this recharge on the 1st of the month or every 30 days from signup?
it is reoccurring every 30 days from the date you signed up. so, you don't have to worry about waiting until the 1st to sign up.
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First you win the day, then that turns into weeks, then that turns into years. Consistancy is key!
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