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Online money is the new way to get rich, were here to show you how.

We teach you how to become rich using your phone and a wifi connection. Please scroll below to see what our exclusive group offers.

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Sports Betting
Daily sports bets that we place that you can copy and paste and place yourself then take the profits for yourself
Exclusive items and releases and that members can buy and make huge profits from by reselling on Facebook or Ebay
Monthly giveaways to our members with items such as iPhones, PS5's and cash etc.
24/7 Access to ask me questions and talk to me about how I became rich at such a young age
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(18 reviews)
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1 month ago
you dumb if ya don’t join
Purchased MEMBERSHIP 1 month ago
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1 month ago
Joined yesterday already seeing results with this and hope to see more results in coming future.
Purchased MEMBERSHIP 1 month ago
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1 month ago
best purchase i have ever come across !!! yaupicks is a really great sporting group where they help you on your bets and what to not bet on , ever since i bought the subscription i have not received any bad luck on my bets lately. sometimes you lose but mostly you win and you can get your money back in the next hour or so . i have been with this group for almost 3 weeks and i have quatripled the money i have and trust me it’s really worth it!!! really grateful i stumbled across this on social media cause i’ll probably still be broke and figuring out my life hahaha
Purchased MEMBERSHIP 2 months ago
Does this really work?
Yes, we have hundreds of success stories from our members that you can view on our Instagram (@yaupicks) alongside hundreds of vouches that we are legit.
Am I old enough?
Age is nothing but a limit of your imagination. Our youngest member is 13 years old and he recently hit his first 1k week!
Are you only based in Australia?
No, with our group you can make money from anywhere in the world all you need is a phone and wifi.
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Sports Picks • General

18 reviews

We are a group with experienced resellers and sports betters that will share their own products and bets with you to ensure you make money, all you have to do is copy what they do and print money. Myself (yau) will be alongside helping out members and giving lessons on how I became rich myself at such a young age. I want to show everyone its possible to become wealthy you just need the right people and mindset and I am here to give it to you. All you need to start is a phone and wifi and we will make you money guaranteed.

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