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(78 reviews)

#1 Australia Sportsbetting Group

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Daily Sports Bets
NBA, Soccer, Horse races, UFC, NFL, Dog races, Tennis
Daily Hedge Bets
Zero risk betting strategy guaranteed to make profits, We bet on both outcomes of the bet and make profit from the odds
Weekly Giveaways
Giveaways including Cash, iPhones, MacBooks, Airpods, iPads + more
AI Bot
We offer an AI bot coded to post 24/7 player injuries and can follow commands from members to view statistics of players
Customer Q&A
Q: How much money should I have to start
A: The answer to this varies from person to person, we recommend you have at least $60 to use for sportsbetting not including your membership amount.
Asked on Dec 12, 2023
Q: How you get rich at such a young age can you tell us and teach us the steps
A: A lot of my money has been made through sports betting, my team and I teach all there is to know about it in this group and provide you with all you need to be a successful sports better.
Asked on Nov 28, 2023
Q: Just asking a genuine question if I subscribe up on Saturday will it be guaranteed to see results
A: You are always taking a risk when betting and as such there is no "guaranteed" profit. However, our group has been extremely every month and if you follow all our units and picks you'll be on track to making significant profit.
Asked on Dec 12, 2023
Q: Will I be able to start even if I have zero knowledge on sports betting?
A: Yes of course, our group teaches you A-Z about sports betting and offer full guides for beginners
Asked on Dec 23, 2023
Customer reviews
4.63 out of 5
(78 reviews)
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2 months ago
been in the server for less then a week and i am already at break even including the membership and all. staff are friendly and helpful!
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3 months ago
Results will speak for its-self. Education that makes you money from a click of a button and it’s only 60 bucks. I’m not even biased but hard work pays off and Yau and his team are just straight out guns. I’ve been fortunate to make over 50x the price i’ve paid for this education. Shout out Yau and Co
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4 months ago
Had a great experience so far. I'm someone who isn't well-equipped to make opimal decision-making in betting on my own, but still want to partake. This discord is fantastic for that purpose :)
Does this really work?
Yes, we have hundreds of success stories from our members that you can view on our Instagram (@yaupicks) alongside hundreds of vouches that we are legit.
Am I old enough?
To sportsbet you have to be 18+ or older in Australia
Are you only based in Australia?
No, with our group you can make money from anywhere in the world all you need is a phone and wifi.
About the seller
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Sports Picks • General
We teach anyone how to make money with just a phone and a wifi connection.

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