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Phoenix ITM

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Come join a community of like-minded traders in their trading journey led by over 10 Analysts! 3+ Analysts Live Trading Daily!

RISE Phoenix ITM: Where your trading experience soars!

Discord FULL Access Includes:

Premium Market Chat Access πŸ’¬

LIVE Trading Access

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Elite Analysts
We are a team of over 10 Analysts that prioritize education and quality alerts!
Educational Classes
Educational Classes 5+ times per week! Day and Night variety. Come learn from the best!
Daily Live-Trading
Trade LIVE with the team! Over 3 Analysts’ Live Trading each day in our Discord Voice Chat!
Risk Management
We're committed to educating traders in our community and ensuring that they implement proper risk management and rules.
Push Notifications
Select only the analysts you want to receive alerts from using our custom bot system!
Statistics Tracking
Get full transparency from our exclusive bot that tracks every detail of the analysts’ trades!
Committed to Service
For us, the customer comes first, and making sure you have a positive experience is our priority!
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17d ago
Been a meber from start, great team, great traders. Made me 6-figure in under 1 year.
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18d ago
Have you been struggling with trading or simply looking for a strong community to be a part to share ideas and collaborate with traders? Look no further and check out Phoenix ITM! A solid team of traders and analysts who provide live commentary, trade alerts, and education to take your trading to the next level. Whether you trade, options (day and swing), futures or long term invest, this is the place for you. Looking forward to seeing you join the community!
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18d ago
I like the community at here, everyone is helpful and supportive, I learned a lot from the team, charting and long term portfolio management, especially really thanks to dcruzitm and Thor, its worth money to learn the trading skills from the team!
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Phoenix ITM
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PhoenixITM is more than just a trading group; it's a symbol of resilience and revival in the world of options trading. Born from the ashes of a fallen predecessor, we've emerged stronger, more determined, and more dedicated than ever to help traders navigate the complexities of the market. Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to rise above challenges and achieve financial success. With a team of experienced professionals and a community built on trust and collaboration, PhoenixITM is your partner in building a brighter financial future.