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Polar Chefs

(534 reviews)

Making USA Members Hundreds every 48 hours.

Earn an extra $1000+ Monthly

We pride ourselves in maintaining a safe and friendly environment for all users from different walks of life.

As long as you're committed to do the work, we are committed to helping you get there no matter what.

Get started with us now!

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Manual User Guides, Botters Guides, Other Guides, Seminar Recordings, Sports Betting Guides, Understanding Polar Chefs, Credit Building, Tax & Creating a Business, Bot Specific Guides, How to use our Tools

Education & 1 on 1 Support
Many in depth Guides & Seminars. Book 1 on 1 sessions at anytime to help you become a smarter & successful reseller.
Profitable Flips
Tickets, Free Amazon Products, Cards, Fashion, Comics, Hats, Tech, Funkos, Freebies, Free Food & Gift Cards, & more!
Free Autocheckout Slots
We will run our Bots for you. Freebies, Retail, Sneakers, Nike & Lots more! Why pay to Bot when we can do it for you!
Errors, Deals & Credit Churn
A full Discord dedicated to Price Errors, Deals, Credit Building & More. We find the craziest Deals, Errors & Rewards!
Consistent Calls, Picks & Plays making you hundreds per game. Add thousands to your income monthly!
Guides, Alerts & Monitors
In-Depth Release Info, Guides & Alerts accompanied by over 300 different monitors. Never miss another restock again!
Partnerships with sought after Bots such as SWFTiOS, QuickCop, Valor, PE and many more to help maximize your success.
Tools & Software
Several Tools to take your reselling journey to the next level! Whether it's General Sales or FBA, we have you covered!
Customer question & answers
This bot will work in india and is there 100% chances that i can cop sneakers
Hi Akshit, Thank you for reaching out! We actually are a cook group and not an actual Bot. Were you asking if our services will be beneficial to those in India as well?
Answered 9 months ago
Hi Does your services benefits people in Malaysia? Im from malaysia and im trying to learn sneaker botting
Hi Jonathan, Thank you for reaching out. At this time, we are a US based group and do not offer any Malaysian release information. If you'd like to learn about Reselling/Manualing or Botting, we are able to assist to some degree. But if your intent is to gain release information for Malaysia, we will not be suitable.
Answered 8 months ago
Do you have tools and guides for Europe? (im from Italy)
Hi, Most of our Guides and Tools can be used for any Region around the world! At this time, we just do not offer any release information for drops for the EU.
Answered 7 months ago
Hey, im a big fan I follow on YouTube. I currently have a bot and im really trying to learn. Do you guys really help newbie with walk throughs.
Hi, We sure do! We invest in your success and will support you every step of the way. Just remember though, it is a two way street, as much effort as we put into you, we would expect the same from you :)
Answered 6 months ago
Do you guys accept pay pal as a form of payment?
Hi, Not at this time. Just general Stripe Payment Processing which supports all card types from around the world.
Answered 8 months ago
What kind of betting service do you guys use/provide? Do you guys use any betting apps, if so which ones?
Hi, we have an entirely separate discord dedicated to Sports Betting. Within it you will find most DFS apps like Prizepicks, Underdog, Sleeper etc.. as well as Sportsbooks like FanDuel, Drsftkings, etc. As long as you are a Polar Chefs Member, you will gain FREE access to our Betting server as well.
Answered 2d ago
Hi, does your group offer an ACO for ticket reselling? thanks,
Hi, unfortunately we do not as the use of any type of software or automated services for ticket reselling is illegal. We do offer ACO for all other sites such as Shopify, Nike, Retail stores and more though.
Answered 3 months ago
I'm interested but unfortunately I'm residing in the Philippines, would this work even though you are US based cook group?
Hi, thank you for your interested in our group! This should work for you if you are able to ship your purchased items within the US and if you have a contact there that is able to handle the products on you behalf (Sell, Ship & etc)
Answered 4 months ago
Hey, is it useful to join as a european (french person)? ig it ain't?
Thank you for your interest, but as mentioned, we are a USA based group. Unfortunately non USA members will not benefit.
Answered 2 months ago
Does NSB promo cover new members if i joined?
Any member of Polar Chefs is able claim this partnership promo. As long as your Polar Chefs Membership is active, your NSB Free period will also remain active. Once you join Polar, you can claim NSB access using the Partnership link posted within our Discord. ps. You are claiming a new pass to NSB. If you an existing NSB Member, this offering doesn't automatically apply to your current pass and you would need to replace it using the link in our Discord.
Answered 1 month ago
Customer reviews
4.99 out of 5
(534 reviews)
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8d ago
Truly a great group! It’s helped with everything from botting to reselling with 1 on 1 support. And the response time is honestly insane. I make a ticket with a question and get a response within 5 minutes while other groups take hours to respond. It shows how dedicated the staff is to helping and supporting members. Highly recommend for anyone new to the sneaker world and even if you’ve been in the sneaker game for a while.
Purchased Polar Chefs Premium 1 year ago
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14d ago
Polars is great for all Botters. Novice intermediate and advanced. The server is beginner-friendly. The owner Solecity has EVERYTHING you need to understand about botting complied in the server and the course on whop, and there are daily money making guides to help you cook a 5-star gourmet meal. I've tried other servers and I have to say, this is the most impressive. You get 1 to 1 sessions, monthly recaps, and HUNDREDS of other things. There has to be over 20 people in Polar staff which is absurd, someone's always there to help.
Purchased Polar Chefs Premium 2 months ago
User avatar
1 month ago
one of the best reselling groups fs
Purchased Polar Chefs Premium 1 month ago
Why join Polar Chefs?
- Educate yourself & become a smarter & successful reseller - Build a profitable business - Find the best Deals, Errors & Loops - Build Credit & Churn Rewards - Cop the hottest Sneakers - Cop the hottest Streetwear - Flips Collectibles that are in season - To Sports Bet - Stepping into Amazon FBA Regardless of your interests, we've got a spot for you. Our USA based Discord Community has it all.
What is included in my Membership?
By joining us, you will get access to Release information/Reselling Education/Credit Building Education/Botting Education and a plethera of other services that will help you thrive within this community. Polar Chefs is truly your one stop shop community to cover all of your needs.
How do I reach support?
Feel to email us at support@polarchefs.com
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Polar Chefs
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Why join us? - Educate yourself & become a smarter & successful reseller - Build a profitable business - Find the best Deals, Errors & Loops - Build Credit & Churn Rewards - Cop the hottest Sneakers - Cop the hottest Streetwear - Profitable Flips that are in season - To Sports Bet - Stepping into Amazon FBA - Ticket Reselling Regardless of your interests, we've got a spot for you. Our USA based Discord Community has it all.