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Customer Q&A
Q: This bot will work in india and is there 100% chances that i can cop sneakers
A: Hi Akshit, Thank you for reaching out! We actually are a cook group and not an actual Bot. Were you asking if our services will be beneficial to those in India as well?
Asked on Jun 3, 2023
Q: Hi Does your services benefits people in Malaysia? Im from malaysia and im trying to learn sneaker botting
A: Hi Jonathan, Thank you for reaching out. At this time, we are a US based group and do not offer any Malaysian release information. If you'd like to learn about Reselling/Manualing or Botting, we are able to assist to some degree. But if your intent is to gain release information for Malaysia, we will not be suitable.
Asked on Jun 14, 2023
Q: Hey, im a big fan I follow on YouTube. I currently have a bot and im really trying to learn. Do you guys really help newbie with walk throughs.
A: Hi, We sure do! We invest in your success and will support you every step of the way. Just remember though, it is a two way street, as much effort as we put into you, we would expect the same from you :)
Asked on Aug 29, 2023
Q: Do you have tools and guides for Europe? (im from Italy)
A: Hi, Most of our Guides and Tools can be used for any Region around the world! At this time, we just do not offer any release information for drops for the EU.
Asked on Jul 30, 2023
Q: Do you guys accept pay pal as a form of payment?
A: Hi, We do yes.
Asked on Jun 29, 2023
Q: I want to confirm if it's safe to share credit card info? Who runs these slots and what if someone steals this info?
A: The ownership & admin are the ones that take care of the ACO services. All information (unless stated otherwise) are discarded after the releases. Our group has been around since 2018 and the reputation it's built speaks for itself. You can confidently use these services without the worry of your information being compromised.
Asked on May 16, 2024
Q: If you guys run ACO/slots for us, does it guarantee us a pair and do we have to pay extra if we hit?
A: Hi, Unfortunately no ACO service out there can guarantee 100% success rate. ACO is there to help increase your chances at success. And no, it is a complementary service that is included within your Membership.
Asked on May 16, 2024
Q: Is there a marketplace within the discord?
A: Hi, yes. Our marketplace becomes available to members once they've completed their 90th day within our community. This 90 day period has been put into place to protect the members and ensure their safety against potential scammers that join our group for marketplace scamming purposes.
Asked on Jun 14, 2024
Q: What kind of betting service do you guys use/provide? Do you guys use any betting apps, if so which ones?
A: Hi, we have an entirely separate discord dedicated to Sports Betting. Within it you will find most DFS apps like Prizepicks, Underdog, Sleeper etc.. as well as Sportsbooks like FanDuel, Drsftkings, etc. As long as you are a Polar Chefs Member, you will gain FREE access to our Betting server as well.
Asked on Feb 26, 2024
Q: I'm interested but unfortunately I'm residing in the Philippines, would this work even though you are US based cook group?
A: Hi, thank you for your interested in our group! This should work for you if you are able to ship your purchased items within the US and if you have a contact there that is able to handle the products on you behalf (Sell, Ship & etc)
Asked on Nov 5, 2023
Q: Hey, is it useful to join as a european (french person)? ig it ain't?
A: Thank you for your interest, but as mentioned, we are a USA based group. Unfortunately non USA members will not benefit.
Asked on Jan 11, 2024
Q: Does NSB promo cover new members if i joined?
A: Any member of Polar Chefs is able claim this partnership promo. As long as your Polar Chefs Membership is active, your NSB Free period will also remain active. Once you join Polar, you can claim NSB access using the Partnership link posted within our Discord. ps. You are claiming a new pass to NSB. If you an existing NSB Member, this offering doesn't automatically apply to your current pass and you would need to replace it using the link in our Discord.
Asked on Jan 19, 2024
Q: Hi, does your group offer an ACO for ticket reselling? thanks,
A: Hi, unfortunately we do not as the use of any type of software or automated services for ticket reselling is illegal. We do offer ACO for all other sites such as Shopify, Nike, Retail stores and more though.
Asked on Nov 21, 2023