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Trader's Lodge (QuantraAI)

We only win if you win. Whether indicators, or investment systems. Not happy? 30 day refund. Guaranteed.
Jack of all trades... is a master of none. Specialization works. We build specifically for Crypto assets.
Available to talk to
We are not tucked away behind closed doors. You will be able to reach us when you need us.
We improve your purchased systems constantly instead of spamming replacements. Less quantity, more quality.
Customer Q&A
Q: It states on the site quantra.ai that Trader's Lodge is "Risk free 30 day refund guarantee." I don't see it stated on whop. Guarantee still valid?
A: GM hadesnyc, yes this is valid on Whop!
Asked on Mar 23, 2024
Do you prove performance?
Yes. Many backtesting engines out there ignore forward testing. Indicators often just fit tightly to the past. Those hold no real edge. We evaluate professionally using bespoke systems - before any release.
Do you utilize Artificial Intelligence?
Pinescript is the foundation for trading systems, visualization second to none, and immediate quantitative analysis. In Python we develop and train real AI models like a GPT for our AI Agent or a TFT for our price prediction, specifically for our Investor's Suite.
Can your systems get used for any market?
They have specifically been built for Crypto and work on a large variety of tokens and timeframes. All features, analysis, updates, back- and forward-testing efforts all focus on Crypto.
How do I pay with Crypto?
While we use Coinbase Commerce, you do not need a Coinbase Account. You can select your preferred token and chain and will receive an address to send to. You can send from any wallet or exchange. Please double check the address before sending or use the provided QR code.
Do I need to pay VAT?
You may need to pay VAT, depending on your location (EU). If you use a VPN, please select your correct location when paying with Crypto.
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We bring institutional grade systems to private crypto investors.