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Effortlessly bulk create and manage email accounts.

Solar is a market-leading software that streamlines your email management experience. Effortlessly generate emails and manage thousands of messages within a single inbox. Simplify account maintenance with just a click of a button.

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Full feature List:


  • Market leading anti-fingerprint features
  • Gmail Generation
  • Forward to: Web/GMX/Yahoo/AOL/Catchall and many more
  • Forward with the click of a button
  • Gmail reverify Spam filter disabled
  • Google Form AIO (with login)
  • Gmail Clip Checker
  • Smart cookie storage


  • Outlook Generator
  • Hotmail Generator
  • Outlook Forwarding
  • Outlook Reverify
  • Outlook Unclipper
  • Outlook Reforwarder
  • Imap-Activated
  • 2-factor active and full backup access
  • Custom Safe-Sender
  • Support for multiple sms services
  • Support for multiple captcha services


  • Account Generator
  • Forwarding to a single master
  • Forwarding to a catchall
  • Choose between multiple GMX domains
  • Phone verify bypass
  • Spam Filter deactivated


  • Account Generator
  • App-Password adder
  • Activate 2fa


  • Automatic email generation


  • Nike Account Generator
  • In-House Akamai solution
  • Human like creation for success on the first drop
  • Fully customizable
  • Worldwide support for all regions
  • Support for multiple sms services


  • Ticketmaster generator(US, UK, CA, MX, NL, DE, BE, IT, FR)


  • Inbox for an unlimited amount of emails
  • Link and Code grabber
  • Email stacking for all email types
  • Have thousands of emails in one place
  • Connect every email type via imap
  • Delete thousands of spam mail with the click of a button
  • Imap delete function
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💎・Solar Customers

Human like anti-fingerprint -Generator - Forwarder -Reverify -Clip Checker - Spam filter disabled
- Nike Account Generator - In-House Akamai solution - Human like creation for success on the first drop
Use our Ticketmaster generator to scale your setup with ease.
- Outlook Generator - Outlook Forwarding - Outlook Reverify - Outlook Unclipper - Imap-Activated - Custom Safe-Sender
- Request based AOL/Yahoo generator - Request based AOL/Yahoo app-password
Inbox for thousands of emails - Email grouping - Bypass forwarding - Bypass spam filters - Link/Code Grabber
24/7 Support
Enjoy 1:1 support from our experts, dedicated to helping you learn effectively.
Quick Updates
In just 12 months, our 300+ major updates and hotfixes prove our commitment to mastering every change with ease!
Customer Q&A
Q: Ticketmaster US accounts?
A: Yes we support - Ticketmaster US, UK, CA, MX, NL, DE, BE, IT, FR
Asked on Aug 3, 2023
Q: Nike Malaysia region?
A: Yes we support all regions worldwide
Asked on Nov 28, 2023
Q: does this software runs on macOS
A: The current version doesnt support macOS but the 2.0 will.
Asked on Aug 29, 2023
Customer reviews
4.92 out of 5
(158 reviews)
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2 months ago
good tool, change the life
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2 months ago
Great tools, good support from staff, emails worked great!
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2 months ago
Can’t complain, canny software
How does SolarTools ensure the quality of the accounts?
SolarTools leverages sophisticated algorithms and secure techniques to generate top-quality accounts for platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, and Nike. Our software undergoes regular testing and updates to ensure peak performance and deliver the best outcomes, always prioritizing user security.
Does it support macOS?
Currently, we support only Windows, but Mac support is on the horizon for version 2.0. For now, macOS users can access Solar through a virtual Windows server.
Are all email types supported?
Absolutely! Every module we offer works flawlessly, including our market-leading Gmail module, along with Outlook, Web.de, GMX, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud.
Where are you based?
We are based in the EU, specifically Germany, but our services are accessible globally. With a universal need for Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Nike, and Ticketmaster accounts, we're here to help everyone around the world create them in bulk.
Is it easy to use?
Yes, generating emails is as simple as a click of a button, and if you ever need help, our friendly staff is available around the clock to assist you.
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The market's most efficient bulk email generator!