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Stock Talk Insiders is an exclusive trading community founded by an expert team with 40+ years of combined experience. Our team researches intensely every day to provide a three-prong confluence for high-conviction trades: actionable charts, meaningful catalysts & unusual options flow. We trade live on stream every single day from open thru close, and provide daily ideas in premarket & throughout the session. Our content is suitable for both experienced & amateur investors alike at an industry-best price & value. Preparing high-quality trade ideas takes an enormous amount of time sifting through charts, catalysts, SEC filings, and balance sheets. Our team takes that work out of your hands.

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Daily Live Trading Streams
Daily live trading & premarket prep streams from 9:00AM - 4:00PM ET, including alerts & access to trading journals
Exclusive Equity Research
We filter hundreds of analyst reports, SEC filings, and news articles every week to identify the best opportunities.
Options Flow Analysis
We provide a curated analysis of options flow to make you aware of unusual positioning on individual stocks.
Catalyst & Sympathy Watch
Regular watchlists on stocks primed to move along with sympathy trading lists to capitalize on any theme or trend.
Technical Analysis
Regular updates of actionable chart setups & key price levels on both individual names and indexes
Education Workshops & Library
Educational workshops 3-5 nights per week & a video library with hundreds of hours of curated & exclusive video content
A.I. Trading Tools
Members receive access to a number of A.I. trading tools, scanners, and algo trackers to simplify data analysis.
Customer question & answers
The daily livestream, is this only for options and stocks or do you trade futures daily and what instruments?
Most of the content in our server and on our live streams is focused on stocks (common equity) and both buying & selling stock-options (puts & calls). While we do have some futures traders in the server that occasionally share their trades & ideas, futures are not a primary focus of our analysts and trading staff.
Answered 3 months ago
With a fulltime job, it's hard for me to get on live. Do you post all alerts on the channels/chats in Discord as well?
Yes! We have several channels with written-out content that is shared in premarket, after-hours, and also live alerts during the trading day. We also have an alert system within the server, so that you can receive notifications on your phone or computer when new content is posted. There are occasionally spontaneous ideas shared on the live stream that may not be able to be typed out live instantly, but the vast majority of our content is shared in written format.
Answered 6 months ago
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(79 reviews)
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17d ago
This is the best group of traders, analysts, and supportive peers I’ve ever come across on the Internet. I don’t trade without first consulting this group, they outperform all of the indexes, they are incredibly accesible and they love to share information. It just doesn’t get any more reliable or professional than this. I’ve been with them for three years, and if you’re following the market, you know they’ve seen me through every conceivable scenario this market has to throw at you. With Stock Talk, I’m in good hands - and you will be too.
Purchased Stock Talk Insiders Premium Access 9 months ago
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21d ago
Great value. Lots of really solid traders sharing valuable information with the team. Tons of lessons on developing yourself as a trader, live sessions daily, super useful group if you are a serious trader.
Purchased Stock Talk Insiders Premium Access 1 month ago
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21d ago
Awesome group with HIGH QUALITY info and plays. Really enjoy these guys and the price is ridiculously affordable. Run don't walk to the order form.
Purchased Stock Talk Insiders Premium Access 7 months ago
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Stock Talk Insiders
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Stock Talk Insiders is an exclusive, private trading community that provides traders with the tools and resources they need to outperform the markets. Our team of professional traders and investors is a braintrust capable of navigating all markets & asset classes. We are confident that we can provide alpha for traders of all experience levels & styles. Benefits include: - Live trading streams & alerts (from 9:30 ET - 4:00 ET every single weekday) - Actionable fundamental research & trade ideas - Actionable options flow analysis - Daily 'Catalyst Watch' lists that tell you what's going to move, and why - Technical analysis & charts with setups - Nightly educational seminars & workshops, including exclusive guests - 24/7 access to questions & mentorship - Access to professional Wall Street analysis reports, along with daily coverage of price-target changes - Regular watchlists & sympathy-trading lists - LIVE news updates BEFORE the social media crowd - Educational library with 100s of hours of exclusive and catered video content - Access to premium A.I. trading tools to simplify data analysis NOTE: This community is hosted on the 'Discord' app.