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Storefront Sentry

(2 reviews)

Find Tons of Profitable Leads Daily with our solution to Automating Reverse Sourcing.

5 Sellers

Monitor up to 5 sellers on Storefront Sentry with this tier. If you are only looking to monitor a handful of sellers, this tier is right for you.

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5 Sellers

24/7 Monitoring
Storefront Sentry allows you to monitor sellers at ALL times, ensuring you do not miss any leads.
User-Controlled Monitoring
Add/remove sellers at all times through the bot, allowing users to change their list of monitored sellers freely.
Keepa Chart Integration
Storefront Sentry provides you with a full Keepa Chart of every lead it finds.
Global Amazon Support
Storefront Sentry supports any Amazon domain, allowing you to monitor sellers from any country.
Power Seller Monitor List
Donโ€™t know who to monitor or having trouble finding leads? We will provide you with the IDs of successful sellers.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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9 months ago
The bot is easy to use, and I love the automation. This tool has made reverse sourcing my favorite storefronts a whole lot easier!
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10 months ago
Perfect solution to reverse sourcing.
Im a new Amazon seller, is this useful for me?
100%, reverse sourcing is a task that most if not all amazon sellers have or will do. Having storefront sentry will completely automate this tedious process.
Can I Cancel At Anytime?
Yep, theres no commitment or contract that hinders you from canceling.
What if I don't know any good sellers in my niche? How will I monitor someone I don't know exists?
Luckily for you - SF Sentry will offer you a list of 5 handpicked sellers from any niche you choose to help aid the onboarding process and create a easy to understand system.
Where do I get notifications?
Storefront Sentry notifications are sent directly to your Discord Server. Instructions for setting up Storefront Sentry will be provided at signup.
Are notifications for my monitored sellers delivered in real time?
Even though Storefront Sentry is online and monitoring 24/7 265 - There are certain limitations to getting up to date amazon information on their back-end. So usually notifications are sent in intervals to help minimize the amount of problems we encounter but nonetheless you will not miss a monitored product from a storefront
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Storefront Sentry
E-Commerce โ€ข FBA

2 reviews

Storefront Sentry was made by Amazon sellers, for Amazon sellers. We create tools to automate FBA tasks, boosting profits for our users.