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The Ones That Know

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Exclusive Trading Group.

What to expect?

Within the Mentorship, Zeussy mentors his students by giving them access to his internal dialogue whilst he navigates the largest financial markets. He does this by giving students access to:

  • Two Daily Reviews
  • One Weekend Review
  • Trade Breakdowns
  • His Universal Time and Price Trading Model which gets released in a lecture series

This content is all in video format and shared through our own online educational platform.

The full details can be read on this page: https://theonesthatknow.com/inside-totk

Read the risk disclaimer on this page before signing up. https://theonesthatknow.com/disclaimer

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Mentorship Forum

Uplifting Community
The Ones That Know is an uplifting community that helps each member level up.
Advanced Mentorship
The Mentorship takes you from being a novice to being an advanced student of price action through realtime analysis.
Experienced Traders
Within The Ones That Know you connect with experienced traders that help you develop.
Mentorship Forum
The Mentorship Forum offers students the opportunity to discuss Mentorship Lectures and interact directly with Zeussy.
Unmatched Educational Content
Our content makes members experience 'lightbulb moments'. Once you see what we point at, you can never unsee it.
Livestreams & Podcasts
Within The Ones That Know we provide trading related livestreams and podcasts hosted by advanced traders.
Mindset & Performance Coach
Within The Ones That Know a Mindset & Performance Coach guides traders in their psychological development.
24/7 Support
Within The Ones That Know our team of advanced traders is always available to answer all of your questions.
Customer Q&A
Q: Is The one time fee is lifetime access?
A: Access to The Ones That Know is an one time fee for lifetime membership.
Asked on Dec 23, 2023
Q: If I had to choose between the mentorship and the Community - which one should I choose? Studying ICT concepts for about 18 months so far. Thanks
A: The main difference between The Ones That Know and The Mentorship is the following. Within Zeussy's mentorship you get mentored directly by him. You learn how he looks at the markets through his lectures, breakdowns and market reviews. Within TOTK you get access to educational content in the form of a course, livestreams and e-books. Next to that you get access to an uplifting community of advanced traders that are eager to help you develop.
Asked on Feb 6, 2024
Q: Am I able to ask Zeussy Questions directly with the Mentorship (For example the Reason why he put his SL there or why he partialled there etc.)?
A: Within the Mentorship you can make use of the Support Page where you can send questions. These questions get answered in the market reviews, if the questions are valuable for all students.
Asked on Mar 23, 2024
Q: Can we pay with crypto?
A: Yes. Please DM @TheOnesThatKnow on X and you will be provided the details.
Asked on Mar 17, 2024
Customer reviews
4.95 out of 5
(431 reviews)
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4 days ago
detailed concise videos, well worth the investment
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5 days ago
Great community Very helpfull
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5 days ago
Great community !
How long does it take to receive access to the Group after completing the one time payment?
You receive access to The Ones That Know right away after completing the one time payment.
How long does it take to receive access to the Mentorship after beginning the subscription?
You receive access to the platform right away after beginning the subscription.
Are The Ones That Know and The Mentorship the same product?
No. The Ones That Know and The Mentorship are two separate products. The Ones That Know is our exclusive trading community. In The Mentorship Zeussy guides his students into reaching a higher level of understanding price delivery through realtime analysis.
Do you give financial advice?
TOTK does not give financial advice. opinions, chats, messages, news, research, analysis, prices, or other information contained on our platform are provided as general market information for educational and entertainment purposes only, and do not constitute investment advice.
What's your refund policy?
We follow a strict no refund policy for all purchases to TOTK. This means that all purchases are final as can be read in our T.O.S.
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The Ones That Know
Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

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The Ones That Know Is An Exclusive Trading Group Founded By Zeussy.