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(6 reviews)

One Tool to Rule Them All.

TradingMaster Pro

Elevate Your Trading with the latest System to Master the Markets.‍

  • 4-Dimensional Trend Insights: While most traders play 2D chess, step up and master the 4D board, capturing both dominant trends and nuanced pullbacks.
  • Automatic Support/Resistance: Fluid levels that adjust per timeframe, providing tailored market insights.
  • Onda Candles: A pioneering visualization of trend.
  • On-Chart Divergences: RSI and SMT Divergences.
  • Trend Ribbon & Advanced MA Algorithm: Optimal trend tracking and reactive price action precision.
  • Swing Highs/Lows: Keep track of market turning points.
  • Microtrend Dots: Gauge immediate momentum shifts. ‍- Correlation Index: Keep track of multiple assets seamlessly.

This Plan includes:

  • TradingMaster Pro: Our Flagship tool to understand the markets at a glance.
  • TradingMaster SMC [Coming Soon]: Our Smart Money Concept based indicator. Liquidity Levels, Trendlines, FVGs and anything else needed to master the intricacies of ICT fundamentals.
  • TradingMaster Flow: a free indicator tool that merges the classic look of RSI but with added volatility tracking (aka Squeeze Line), swing visibility and divergences.
  • TradingMaster Wave: a free indicator tool resembling and functioning similar to a MACD, but sharper. TradingMaster Wave higlights precise swings with faster feedback, real-time money flow and included divergences.
  • TradingMaster Discord Server Access & Role: Our Trading Community with Hundreds of all types of Traders sharing their trade ideas and their insights on the markets daily.
  • Daily Livestreams: Daily Livestreams where we share our trade ideas and executions live.
  • TradingMaster Academy Access: Our upcoming Academy designed to teach traders how to trade from beginner to advanced.
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TradingView indicator

TradingMaster Pro, TradingMaster Flow, TradingMaster Wave

Trading Discord Server
Free Discord Community for Traders looking to grow and master the markets.
Daily Trading Livestreams
Watch us trade live every day, witness how funded traders earn a living through the markets.
Free Indicators
Get Free Access to our TradingMaster Wave and Flow indicators for an improved indicator experience.
Premium Indicators
State-of-the-art premium indicators for all types of traders looking to get a true edge on the market.
Onda Candles
Revolutionary AI-Powered Candlesticks. Available only on Pro and AI Suite plans.
Terrible Memes
Enjoy the dankest of all memes.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(6 reviews)
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6 months ago
Trading Master is a trading revelation – its precise indications and user-friendly interface have revolutionized my trading journey, making it an indispensable asset for traders seeking consistent success. High recommendation!
Purchased TradingMaster Free 6 months ago
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6 months ago
The use case of the product is good as it helps to find good entry and where the market is directed.
Purchased TradingMaster Free 6 months ago
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6 months ago
great service and great product 10/10
Purchased TradingMaster Free 6 months ago
Is this the Magic Pill to Success?
Just like anything in life - nothing is a magic pill to success. TradingMaster cannot guarantee you will win every trade. But we can promise you will grow and understand the markets far better and hopefully get you to achieve your trading career goals!
How do I use the indicators?
If you go over to our website at https://tradingmaster.io/documentation you will find full breakdowns and strategies on how to use our tools. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us.
Must I use TradingView in order to use TradingMaster?
Yes - as TradingView is the hosting platform for our indicators, it is mandatory for our users to use TradingView in order to get access and use the indicators.
What Markets do the Indicators work on?
Our powerful indicators will work on every type of market. Crypto, Stocks, Indices, Forex, Futures, Commodities and so on.
Do you offer Refunds?
Because of the nature of the product we do not offer refunds on any of our indicators - this is to avoid any exploitation of our tools. However, you can cancel at any time - so you can try out any of our monthly membership plans before committing to a longer one. Plus we offer a free 7-day trial on all of our indicator plans!
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Trading β€’ Trading Indicators

6 reviews

TradingMaster aims to provide traders and stock market investors with valuable resources, education and a knowledge base related to the trading market. From our free courses, to our state-of-the-art trading tools, we cover the needs of traders of all levels.