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Visionary Living Hero's Journey

Vision makes Action effortless... A Personal Development Program for the Public

Using powerful personal growth tools, we provide a regular resource for personal development. At a low cost of $34.99 you can have regular access to personalized coaching opportunities and group conversations.

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Live Virtual Engagement
Everyday we will host an hour call that invites members to take the stage a receive personalized coaching opportunities.
Resource Library
There are hours of content posted for members to utilize; from podcasts, to movies to music and more.
Member Chat Rooms
Meet others in the members chat room and have 24/7 access to discussion forums and communication threads.
Interactive Features
Much like a game, we've designed our community in such a way that you level up with your engagement. Have fun learning!
Immersion Workshops
We have a product offering for live and in-person workshops. If you choose it, you'll unlock higher tiered access.
Customer Q&A

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What if I can't attend during the time's listed?
We will be offering more live engagement opportunities as the community grows. We also still have tons of online content and members to engage with. If you have a suggested time frame, please provide feedback. We will always supply the demand where needed.
What's your refund policy?
There is a 7-day free trial available before purchasing. Please try that option before buying. Once you decide to purchase, please commit to the initial 30 days. After that, if you don't feel like it's worth the value then please discontinue. Our product is so inexpensive that we don't offer refunds. Please be discerning with your money.
What can I expect from this product or service?
M-F we will host a live and interactive livestream on discord for 1 hour at 8:30am. We will be learning personal growth and leadership concepts and can be personalized by taking the main stage to engage the trainer. People have major awareness shifts that have been explained previously like having epiphanies or enlightened experiences.
Is this a medical service?
Absolutely not. Please consult a doctor for any medical concerns or needs. This service should not be used as a substitute for any medically diagnosed conditions.
What makes this community server legitimate?
Every community has a different leader or group of leaders that came together to create the community. It's a blend of mastery and artistry. This community is my personal piece of art and if it doesn't resonate with you, I respectfully encourage you to seek resources that do. I'm simply a humble human with a vision and a voice looking for my tribe.
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Visionary Living Leadership
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Providing powerful personal development technology for seekers interested in transforming themselves and their lives. Our program simulates a Hero's Journey in real life in order to provide an opportunity for you to 10x your life. While our program is not medical in nature, it does have a lot of conversations around the psychological and behavioral expressions of human beings.