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ALPINE TRADING - #1 Trading Educators!

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Elevate Your Potential

Legend Tier Discovered: Enter a dynamic trading world with Legend Tier Access at ALpine Trading. It's not just six months of Alpine Premium Access (valued at $600), but also a years worth of access to the Alpine Algo that will send automatic buy and sell ideas to you based on the Alpine Strategy. In addition, and most importantly, you will get to be a part of monthly LIVE Masterclass Events with the Alpine Team, Strat, and other Legend Tier holders. Live Trading, Weekly Watchlists, Trading Algorithm, and a chance to work side by side with Strat for an entire year perfecting and honing in on your trading abilities!

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Legend Tier

Real-Time Market Commentary
With voice trading, you will be able to hear thoughts, commentary, and ideas in real time.
Premium Youtube Access
Members will have access to premium youtube content that is not available to the public via private links
Custom Bot Commands
Alpine members will have exclusive access to market bots that will help them make quicker and more informed decisions!
No More Guessing!
Get prepared every morning with the pre market game plan, and take the guess work out of your daily routine!
Elevate Your Potential
Being in Alpine will allow you to elevate your potential much like those on an expedition do. You will learn!
24/7 Support
You'll have access to our support team and will have all support tickets answered within a business day period.
Customer Q&A
Q: Hi. Do you give alerts in the discord only?
A: The Pro Traders in the room do offer their trades that they are taking intraday (and premium members can be alerted when a trader takes a position). While it is available to see and follow, we recommend finding your own strategy and not following what someone else is playing.
Asked on Jul 18, 2023
Q: Hello do you have boice live trading and how many hours per week ?
A: Yes we do live voice daily! Mostly we are active at market open until mid day, and then again the last hour of the day!
Asked on Aug 2, 2023
Q: Do you trade futures?
A: Yes we do! ES and NQ.
Asked on Oct 21, 2023
Q: Hi, I’m not new but a loser. I lost so much without knowing or understanding how to use the entering and exit strategy. R u offer enter alert and edu?
A: Yes we do offer pro traders ideas with their exact entry and exits!
Asked on Aug 9, 2023
Q: If I hate discord, do you have other ways that you send out your alerts? And are they usually day trades or swing trades?
A: Yes! We offer a Telegram service that you can get trade ideas sent directly to your personal phone device!
Asked on Jan 5, 2024
Customer reviews
4.91 out of 5
(54 reviews)
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5 months ago
Lost 1800$ following his 2k account challenge. Began by going in tilt and using half of the account to try and catch a break out. Only for it to not play out. Said we should only take A+ set ups on the 2k account but then goes and enters a trade that he isn’t confident in. Only to tell us, yeah I said it wasn’t a confident trade. Might just be a rough patch but that unfortunately impacted me more than it impacted him.
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5 months ago
Strat/Jireh/Swaggy and all the Alpine crew are the best! They provide so much value and education! I’ve learned a lot and improved in my risk management/strategy/execution! Win BIG, win small, lose small! Come check it out for yourself and level up!
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7 months ago
Very difficult with a small account to make a few dollars. I could not even earn the 99 dollars for the membership kkkk
What is the difference between Alpine Premium Access and Alpine Newsletter Access?
The Alpine Premium Access subscription will give you access to EVERYTHING (pre market ideas, trade ideas/signals, educational classes, ad hoc 1:1 sessions, etc.). The Alpine Newsletter Access will give you access to the Sunday Newsletter that will be posted with market updates for the week ahead, and trade set ups that are actionable. ***Note if you are an Alpine Premium member, you automatically have Newsletter Access. The Newsletter is for those that do not need live trading/trade ideas daily and want to get a view of the market outlook for the coming week via a Newsletter or a live video stream!
Am I billed at the first of the month or every 30 days?
You will be billed every 30 days from the day that you signed up.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel at anytime so that your subscription does not carry forward.
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Alpine Trading
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Whether you've got years of experience or are just starting to navigate the Markets, Alpine Trading is your go-to hub. We arm you with top-tier tools, insights, and a network of like-minded traders, all driven to accelerate profits and excel. Join our ranks at Alpine Trading and tap into your untapped potential. It's time to elevate your game. See you at the Top.