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Tools to manage your Discord.

Whop has a full-suite of tools to monetize and manage your Discord memberships. Automate your flows and grow faster.

Auto-add roles

Automatically add roles to a customer’s account when they purchase your product.

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Auto-remove roles

Automatically remove roles from a customer’s account when they cancel their membership.

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Freeloader App

Easily find and remove people in your server who aren’t paying.

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Sell more stuff

Enhance what customers get when they purchase. Add files, courses, software, and more.

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All-in-one platform

Whop has all the tools you need to manage and grow your business.

Launch your product

Launch your product

Design your product page and start selling in minutes, not months.

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Whop has over 1M+ customers eager to try your product.

No-code page builder

Rise the ranks to be featured on the Top Charts.

Whop Marketpace

Get listed on our marketplace to boost your sales.

Increase revenue

Increase revenue

Whop Dashboard is packed with powerful features to help you boost your revenue, find new customers, and grow your business.


Automatically reward affiliates for bringing you new customers.

Customer retention

Retain customers with upsells on cancellation, upgrade offers, yearly subs, and more.

Discounts & Promo Codes

Create discounts and sales to encourage customers to purchase.

Save time & money

Save time & money

Use Whop’s tools to automate your business... so you can make more money.

Email automation

Automate your customer emails to convert and retain more customers.

Dispute fighter

We’ll help increase your likelihood of wining customer disputes.

Customer support

Our dedicated support team will help your customers for free.

Accept payments globally

Accept payments globally

Accept payments in national currencies from 135+ countries and crypto. Whop has everything you need, right out of the box.


Connect your existing Stripe account to seamlessly integrate your business’s payments and memberships.

Crypto payments

Accept one-time and subscription crypto payments with ETH and Coinbase Commerce.


Choose to let Whop handle global payment processing as your Merchant of Record (MoR), so you can focus on running your business.

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Whop Marketplace

In addition to selling direct-to-customer, list your product on Whop Marketplace to boost your sales.

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24/7 support

Whop has the best client support in the biz. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

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