Learn how a 20-year-old entrepreneur raised his recurring revenue by 1900% in under a year on Whop


Tyler started his trading journey in 2017 during the first major Crypto upswing. He walked away with a serious profit, but understood that his early success resulted from a unique situation. “These runs happen every couple of years, but I wanted to do this every day,” he recalled.

After two years of intense research and trial and error, Tyler honed his craft and became a consistently profitable trader. He started sharing his journey on social media, and the content was an instant hit. Followers loved Tyler’s charisma and desperately wanted to learn how to trade like him. And so at the age of 20, Tyler founded TJR Trades, an exclusive online community where members can trade with Tyler via livestream and learn about profitable strategies.


Tyler needed a powerful dashboard to manage TJR Trades. His initial platform, Launchpass, had limited functionality for building a landing page and managing memberships. “I wanted a page where people know that it’s my brand, and the one I had wasn’t cutting it.”

As a solo entrepreneur, ease of management was also a must. With the community starting to grow, Tyler needed to act quickly in order to maintain a grip on operations. And so in December 2022, TJR Trades moved operations to Whop.


Tyler's switch to Whop paid immediate dividends. He could now manage memberships, create promo codes, and offer new digital products in seconds. TJR Trades got listed on Whop Marketplace, placing Tyler’s community in front of millions of eyeballs. Whop’s affiliate system also afforded TJR’s loyal members the ability to refer their friends and get paid automatically.


20x Growth

Since the switch, TJR trades had a 20x increase in revenue. Tyler manages the influx of members all on his own with the Whop dashboard, which allows him to easily track stats and payments. In 8 short months, Tyler went from 150 active memberships to over 3000. The result is an annual recurring revenue north of 1 million dollars.

Additional revenue streams

“As soon as I saw the marketplace, I thought wow, this is really cool. and I wanted to climb the charts.”

Since signing up in December, Whop Marketplace and affiliates generated an additional 560 members paying members, which would have made up 279% of TJR’s initial member base. With a subscription price of $200 per month, the signups result in over $100,000 added to Tyler’s monthly recurring revenue.

Using Whop’s infrastructure, Tyler also added to his product line with a trading Ebook. The new product boosted TJR’s revenue substantially while creating zero additional overhead!

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