Meet Musa Mustafa, the 20-year-old making a staggering $100k a month! Musa earned his fame by clipping content for influencers like Sneako, orchestrating massive TikTok pages in the process. Now, he’s bringing in seven figures by teaching other people the secrets of the algorithm inside of his Discord group ‘Media Metas’.

Here, we dive deep into Musa Mustafa, examining everything from his initial rise to fame to his enviable lifestyle, and the strategies that bring thousands of new users to his social media growth group every single month.

The Early Days - A Young Entrepreneur

Let’s rewind for a second. Just like many other young creatives, Musa started out in the content space at only 13 years old. He began by making home videos, editing, shooting, and generally experimenting with cameras. Although Musa saw the opportunity to make money on YouTube, he did not want to spend years of unpaid work and grind to start up a channel. So, instead of focusing on creating content for his own YouTube channel, Musa used his videography skills to create video ads for local businesses.

Remember, Musa is still only 13 years old. To gain trust and experience, Musa and his friend started out creating content for free, offering up free videos for social media and weddings. Eventually, all of this unpaid labor paid off and they had enough content for a portfolio. The duo then used this to their advantage, showing their skillset to business owners and signing on some paid clients. This was a big turning point for Musa, as it was then that he began to study the algorithm and find patterns in viral content. 

Then, when Musa was 14, he wrote down the names of all of the YouTubers that he wanted to work with one day, and how he could bring value to them. The very next day, Musa sent personalized messages to every person on that list. 

"You need to find your clients, hustle a little bit man. Your hustle can take you a lot further than any ability or talent can."

Musa did get in touch with some of the YouTube creators on that list, but nothing substantial came from this. That is, until one life-changing meeting on Omegle. On the video chat app, a random meetup led Musa to Sneako. Speaking to Sneako, Musa talked about this background, his drive, and because of that personalized message, Sneako knew who Musa was. All of Musa’s hard work led to this point, where he had secured a paid position with his idol - and this was just the beginning of his remarkable journey.

Creating a Paid Discord Community

After working with Sneako and sending him viral across all platforms, Musa was able to “crack” the algorithm behind TikTok and YouTube Shorts and reverse engineer the strategy behind viral content. This gave Musa the idea to start his own group teaching other people about his experience making viral content for big creators - and ‘Media Metas’ was born.

Media Metas is a group for aspiring editors and creators. Here they can come together, collaborate, and learn how to crush the algorithm. Musa took the same viral strategies that he had used to grow the profiles of other creators and applied them to his personal branding. As a result, Musa’s Instagram page grew from under 200 followers in June of 2023 to over 200k followers - in just a matter of months.

Musa’s Instagram is home to a ‘free’ version of the Media Metas groups. This is hosted in his bio, where all of his top-funnel traffic is funneled to. With a large Instagram following and a free group, how does Musa actually turn a profit with Media Metas?

Monetizing Media Metas with Whop

The young entrepreneur decided to adopt a ‘freemium’ model, continuing to offer a free version of the Media Metas community, but also introducing a paid option. Within the Media Metas Discord server paid members access everything from educational courses, to knowledge channels, editing tutorials, and daily viral content.

The paid Discord community is also hosted on Whop. By selling on Whop, Musa has brought Media Metas to new heights - let’s take a look at the results.


A Streamlined Landing Page
Whop acts as a landing page where Musa can showcase his product. With reviews from satisfied customers and an FAQ section addressing initial concerns potential users may have, Whop allows Musa to verify the success and legitimacy of his group. 

Subscription Management Made Easy
Whop assists with the technicalities of running a large paid community. With so many people joining at such a rapid rate, onboarding people into the group can get complicated. Now, instead of having to send an individual payment link, wait for them to pay it, then send them and invite to join the group via email after the fact, Whop takes care of this. The system is similar to that of Amazon’s “one-click pay option” where users will immediately receive their goods after paying and have full access to the group.

Exposure and Visibility
By using Whop’s digital marketplace, Media Metas instantly gained visibility and a new audience, as now Media Metas is not only in front of Musa’s following but Whop’s user base too. Anyone on the platform can easily find Media Metas through Whop’s ‘social media’ tab - specific to sellers who create groups or courses about social media growth. 

Right now, Musa is ranking #1 for “best sellers” in this category, so anyone on the platform looking for tips on how to go viral is immediately led to Media Metas.

It’s a Creator’s Economy

Musa is only 20 years old, does not hold a college degree, and yet his story is a testament to how anyone with skill, internet access, and relentless drive can create their own future. 

At Whop we are seeing more and more creators turn their passion into cash through paid communities and courses. This really is just the beginning, and we are sure to see so many more young entrepreneurs like Musa succeed in monetizing their interests.

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