In 2023 there are 347.3 billion emails sent and received every single day. You can feel the impact in the marketing industry, as a whopping 89% of marketers use email as their primary way of generating leads. With marketers focused on mastering their email strategies, it’s no surprise that the email marketing platform landscape has become hyper-competitive. One such email marketing platform is Mailmodo.

Founded in 2020, Mailmodo allows users to build fully interactive emails with a simple “drag and drop” system. Imagine if someone could add an item to their shopping cart, or fill out a survey directly within an email. Compared to a simple redirect button, interactive components have significantly higher conversion rates. 

Mailmodo found their competitive advantage from a product standpoint. Now it was time to market. While Mailmodo found their competitive advantage from a product standpoint, there were still plenty of roadblocks standing in the way of their growth. 

Customer Acquisition

With so many solutions to choose from, Mailmodo needed an easy way to put their product in front of business owners. In order to be seen, Mailmodo would need to get creative. Ranking high in Google search results for terms like “email marketing” is extremely difficult. 

Client Onboarding

Mailmodo is intuitive by nature, but how can they ensure that busy entrepreneurs actually take a moment to get their feet wet in email marketing after signup? Having highly trained onboarding staff on standby would be instrumental in making sure that every client has a proper understanding of the platform. 


Retaining current clients has a bigger impact on retention and revenue than gaining new signups. That’s why Mailmodo needs dedicated support to foster an amazing experience on their platform. If a client does churn, they need to know why.

Listing on Whop

Mailmodo recognized the need for a partner that not only could increase their exposure, but assist new clients in syncing their customer details and setting up their first templates. Enter Whop

Increased Visibility

Mailmodo listed on Whop’s Business App Store, showcasing their platform to thousands of Whop sellers in need of marketing help. Now any seller could discover and sign up for Mailmodo from within their business dashboard in a matter of seconds. Mailmodo also listed their store on Whop Marketplace, allowing any of Whop’s 3 million monthly visitors to purchase their offering.

Enhanced Customer Support

Recognizing the importance of implementation, Whop introduced onboarding specialists for all Mailmodo clients. These experts were trained beyond the usual scope of Whop's support, enabling them to assist with Mailmodo-specific queries. Now sellers can receive email marketing support at any time, and Mailmodo doesn’t need to lift a finger. 

Automated Feedback Collection

Whop’s automated feedback system collects and buckets all client churn reasons. The data provides Mailmodo with actionable insights for increasing client retention.

In-House Agency

Whop’s in-house email marketing agency runs on integrated platforms, so any seller that’s interested in the agency gets referred to Mailmodo. 

Whop introduced 'Whop Services', an email marketing agency that helps sellers grow! By integrating Mailmodo into this suite, Whop created a path to seamlessly upsell or cross-sell Mailmodo as an integral component of their premium services, leading to an even greater reach for Mailmodo.


In just 9 months on Whop, Mailmodo received over 500 signups from Whop marketplace! These sellers were looking for a solution to grow their businesses with email marketing and Mailmodo helped them with this including interactive emails, easy automations, and AI-generated email content.

Another testament of how Whop matched the expectations of sellers with those of our partners for a win-win. For Mailmodo, the added subs are no small footnote, adding an additional $75,000 in annual recurring revenue to their business. Plus, as Whop continues to grow its own client base, Mailmodo’s exposure grows with it.

The synergy between Whop and Mailmodo is not only about growth though - it's a testament to elevated customer satisfaction and increased brand visibility, and created an entirely new playbook for marketing SaaS apps.

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