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Put your email marketing on auto-pilot with engaging emails, faster workflows & jaw-dropping results.

What is MailModo?

With Mailmodo, you'll be able to create an automatic email series tailored directly to your customers. Our integration allows you to effortlessly control the audience you want to target and how you want the email sequence to look like. From onboarding your customers with a sequence of instructions to winning back churned customers, you'll be able to do that all within Mailmodo.

The pass benefits include

  • 500 contacts
  • 5,000 emails/month
  • 3 team members
  • Unlimited templates
  • Automated email sequences
  • Integration with Whop
  • Chat and email support


  • No code email builder
  • Create AMP emails
  • Add forms inside an email
  • Add logic/conditions
  • Dynamic Personalisation
  • Add widgets inside emails


  • Bulk campaigns
  • Automation APIs
  • Transactional campaigns
  • Automated email sequences
  • Trigger from other platforms


  • Import bulk contacts
  • Import contacts through API
  • Create static segment
  • Create dynamic segment
  • Add your own domain
  • Add multiple sender ids
  • Export data manually
  • Export template submission
  • Complete analytics
  • Remove Mailmodo branding
  • Sync contacts from other platforms


  • Whop
  • Zapier
  • Mix Panel
  • Facebook
  • Webhooks
  • Integromat
  • Google Sheet
  • Influencer Bit
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Setup Guide

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Web app

Login to Mailmodo

Automatic Customer Imports
Whop will automatically import the information of your customer emails into MailModo!
Collect Data!
Gain insight into open rate, click through rates, real time results and much more!
Easy to setup!
WIth our guide, you'll be able to setup Mailmodo within minutes!
Multiple Series
You'll be able to customize email series to different types of customers no matter the event
Customer Q&A
Q: With mailmodo, can I automatically send an email to a customer when they sign up for a specific membership offer, even if I have multiple memberships?
A: Yes! With Mailmodo you can customize which emails customers receive based on the products they purchase. To learn how to do this, book a free call with us using the "Onboarding Call" product above.
Asked on Jun 8, 2023
Q: Can I set up a way to send an email to a specific email address when someone joins or cancels a product on Whop?
A: Yes! With Mailmodo you can easily create automated journeys that trigger whenever a customer either signs up or churns.
Asked on Jul 7, 2023
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(1 reviews)
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a year ago
great tool.
What can I Use Mailmodo for?
Automatically send emails to churned customers, new customers, renewed customers, and more!
What is AMP for email?
AMP email is an open-source framework created by Google that allows emails to render and display dynamic elements like accordions, carousels, forms, calendars, shopping carts, dynamic APIs, etc. It creates a mini-website inside an email.
Does Mailmodo create/send only AMP emails?
Mailmodo enables but is not limited to creating and sending of AMP emails. You can create, send and automate both AMP and HTML email campaigns without any tech intervention.
Can I send transactional emails with Mailmodo?
Of course. Mailmodo’s API for Transaction Email enables developers to set up transactional email campaigns using REST API without having to code the emails.
About the seller
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Business • Marketing

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Mailmodo is an email marketing platform focused on bringing the interactive experience via the AMP framework to emails. It allows businesses across industries to create emails with web page-like interactivity right inside the user inbox, thereby increasing engagement and conversions multifold

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