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Here at the Whop Blog we are committed to creating high-quality informative content that helps any entrepreneur improve their business and their revenue.

Our expert content team specializes in ecommerce, SaaS, reselling, entrepreneurship and more.

With years of experience, the content team guides aspiring and existing entrepreneurs towards business success with examples, insights, and strategies.

Find out more about the Whop editorial team below.

Editorial Team

Keisha Singleton

Keisha is the Senior Content Editor at Whop, creating content on SaaS, ecommerce, sports picks, business, and more. For the past 8+ years, Keisha has dedicated her career to writing and editing long-form, top-ranking blog content, and finds a certain joy in taking complex subjects and transforming them into engaging and thought-provoking articles. Originally from Wales, Keisha swapped rain for sunshine and now lives on the East Coast of Australia with her husband and two young children. When she's not at work, Keisha can be found taste-testing her way through independent cafes in search of the perfect flat white.

Colin McDermott

Head of SEO at Whop, Colin is an ecommerce veteran with over 15 years experience in content marketing and SEO. Working from his office by the sea in Margate, UK, Colin has over 200 houseplants and lives in a jungle/office. Colin helps to plan Whop's content strategy and does a little editing when Keisha is too busy!

Writing Team

Druvi Storer

Druvi writes for Whop about Ecommerce, SaaS, and Trading. He’s passionate about making tough subjects simpler and easy to understand, and has been performing that role in various industries across his career. It’s a journey that’s taken him from Australia, through Asia and now into Europe, and he’s done everything from hosting morning radio shows to engineering and R&D in performance swimsuits. He’s been writing for several years now and has covered personal finance and fintech extensively, trying to separate fact from fiction and help consumers understand them better. Away from the keyboard, he’s usually chasing after his kids and trying to avoid stepping on Lego.

Doğukan Karakaş

Technical writer @ Whop. Doğukan became an official Discord Partner in 2021 and was hired by Discord as a Community Author in 2022. He also works as a community manager and financial analyst.

JV Ortiz

JV has been writing online about reselling, entrepreneurships and alternative investments for over 6 years. After having found success as an Amazon and sneaker reseller, he launched a blog and an eBook that gained a decent following and was acquired by an investor in 2022. He loves creating helpful guides for an audience of all levels, particularly beginners who are willing to learn and grow. Off the keyboard, he enjoys surfing, zen and living semi-nomadically.

Alexios Georgakopoulos

Alexios writes for Whop about Sports Betting, SaaS, and Ecommerce. Having initially set sights on a career in engineering, he found an unexpected passion in the realm of content writing and marketing. This journey began with a fondness for poetry, a subtle introduction to the power of words. Now recognized as an established expert generalist with 4 years of experience, he thrives on perpetual learning and embracing new challenges while presenting the most complex of topics in a simple and clear way. Outside of professional pursuits, Alex finds joy in traveling and a deep passion for watches.

Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore is an ecommerce expert and content writer for Whop, Shopify, Stripe, and Klaviyo, as well as a retail journalist at Forbes.

Lizzie Davey

Lizzie Davey is an ecommerce and SaaS writer for Whop, Shopify, Klaviyo and CoSchedule, and the founder of Freelance Magic co and Copy Revival co.

Monica J. White

Monica is a journalist with 10+ years of experience. She specializes in tech, e-commerce, and finance. Her writing has also appeared in outlets such as Digital Trends, Pay.com, and Springboard.

Elna Cain

Elna specializes in creating B2B SaaS and ecommerce content, working with companies such as Whop, Zapier, GoDaddy, Optinmonster, and Walmart. Additionally, she produces content on YouTube.

Emily Dean

Emily is a statistics expert whose diverse portfolio spans business, tech and more. When she's not poring over reports, you'll find her rescuing household objects from her Yorkshire terrier's wrath.

Joe Niehaus

Joe Niehaus is a content writer for Whop. He’s passionate about all things ecommerce and has covered many brands at publishers such as Travel + Leisure, Men's Health, and Business Insider.

Milly Allinson

Business and Ecommerce writer for Whop. 4+ years of experience in content writing, social media marketing and editing. Based in Lincolnshire, UK. Milly loves watching Noir films and classic literature.

Lillie Kilburn

Business and Ecommerce writer @ Whop. 5+ years of experience in writing, editing and website management. Based in Warwickshire. Lillie loves cats and learning about history.

Frank Monkhouse

From throwing punches at TRAD TKO Gym in London to penning insights on sports betting, Frank is a former professional boxer - now a respected writer, pundit, and podcast voice. @FMonkhouse on X.

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