The Ones That Know is a trading community that has scaled significant heights in a short time, and is now considered one of the internet’s most elite trading groups. Home to some of the top traders in the business, the group focuses on a trading style known as ICT.

Despite now being known as the net’s best Discord group applying the famous ICT style to index futures, TOTK’s beginnings are humble. The group’s founder, Zeussy, began his investing journey as a teenager. He caught the bug when he turned a few hundred dollars in birthday gift cash into several thousand by trading crypto, and he’s been going ever since.

Now with several years of professional trading under his belt, Zeussy has left crypto behind and focuses on index futures, trading markets like the Nasdaq and S&P 500.

A Thriving ICT Community

The choice of the group’s name, The Ones That Know, is a reflection of the ICT style’s central premise—followers believe that the markets are algorithmically determined, and the style itself revolves around identifying what the sequence of events will be.

ICT itself is named after its originator, the “Inner Circle Trader”, Michael Huddleston. Zeussy was a mentee of Huddleston and takes the ICT concepts to market on a daily basis. The style isn’t for everyone thanks to the controversial central premise suggesting that the market is controlled and highs and lows are predefined, but there have been plenty of success stories tied to it—not least that of Zeussy himself.

The Ones That Know is a community built to bring together both ICT experts and traders with significant expertise in the realm of market algorithms. This knowledge base creates a major concentration of value, and as they disseminate their knowledge to group members, the community’s power snowballs.

TOTK members benefit from the direct tutelage of Zeussy and his experts, as well as the compound effect of being surrounded by other great traders, each on a mission of self-improvement. This creates an educational culture around the group, and the collective adherence to the strict ICT style means a quest for perfection.

The group also brings in plenty of additional content from elsewhere, sourcing guest speakers practically every weekend and helping members level up not just in executing the ICT style itself, but also improving themselves in other related areas such as that of trading psychology. 

Scaling Challenges

As every entrepreneur knows, there comes a point when it becomes increasingly difficult to deliver more and more value to customers using the existing bootstrapped techniques and basic infrastructure that worked when getting off the ground.

Zeussy, for instance, had to use a Telegram channel and Google Drive links to share livestream recordings. While that sort of solution worked for a while, it was clear that TOTK would need an efficient, effective, professional solution to reflect the direction that the community itself was taking.

The Ones That Know Joins Whop!

Making the switch to Whop was the next logical step for Zeussy and The Ones That Know. The community had grown to hundreds and begun to accumulate some of the most knowledgeable and skilled ICT traders under one roof. He and his team needed a platform that could take care of both their membership and fulfillment effectively so that they could focus on delivering constant value.

The Results

Streamlined Digital Delivery

Before jumping across to Whop, Zeussy had to share livestream links via tools like Google Drive. The streams provided his members with lots of value, but this mode of delivery was slowing him down severely, not just putting the brakes on the business but entailing a lot of manual work that would have been best directed elsewhere. Whop’s range of options for digital fulfillment has streamlined this aspect of the business, and now Zeussy can share his livestream links with a minimum of fuss. This allows him to put all of his attention towards continuing to grow his business!

Clean Store Page

Another huge advantage of linking up with a top-notch digital marketplace is getting a best-in-class store page and UI. Zeussy rates Whop’s store page far better than any other platform, and says that having a Whop store is a big contributor to his group’s tremendous recent evolution. Whop has been a big help on the growth front too, and having the TOTK store page on the Whop marketplace has opened up a whole new segment of customers thanks to Whop’s discoverability and category search functions.

Community and Reviews

At the end of the day, The Ones That Know is a community, and Whop has helped to provide a platform both empowering the community and giving members a voice. Members are free to leave reviews on the TOTK Whop store page, and there are currently well over a hundred live reviews to look through. The community itself has gone from strength to strength, and now numbers upwards of 800 since joining Whop.

Focusing on the Future

The Ones That Know is, according to Zeussy, the number one ICT trading community on the internet. His plan is undoubtedly to build on that crown and continue to expand the core of knowledge that TOTK revolves around, and continue to help members skill up and become the next generation of highly knowledgeable expert traders in their own right and even move into the institutional trading world. Thanks to Whop, Zeussy can stay laser-focused on his group and its goals! 

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