Trading isn’t an easy game to get good at, and the stakes couldn’t be higher—most traders lose a lot more than they gain. This is down to plenty of reasons, none more so than the fact that the cards are very much stacked against you, but it’s not impossible to make money from the markets.

If you want to learn how the most successful traders do that, what better way than straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth? Trading podcasts exist for this very reason, letting top traders talk through their styles, approaches and strategies so that you can better understand what the game’s all about.

These are some of the top trading podcasts out there on the internet, and ones we think will help you understand the world of trading just that little bit better!

🏆 Our Roundup of the Best Trading Podcasts

🥇 1. Forex Beginner Podcast

forex beginner podacst

The Forex Beginner Podcast is hosted by 'Calvin the New Trader', and it’s a great listen if you’re relatively new to the world of trading or think Forex (foreign exchange, or trading between currencies) is for you. Host Calvin turned his own fortunes around in a period of a single year, and shares all of what he’s learned on his trading journey with you at a frequency of as many as fifteen episodes per month! His podcast episodes come with plenty of motivation and encouragement, on top of the tangible tips and tricks you can take to your trading software.

Trading Categories: Forex, Day Trading
Best For: Beginners and traders looking for inspiration

2. Follow the Money

follow the money podcast

The Follow the Money podcast, also referred to as FTM Weekly, delivers a hard-hitting take on global financial trends alongside investment and income ideas on a weekly basis, and it’s been chugging along since 2010. It’s hosted by investor, author, and Christian economist Jerry Robinson and often features special guests.

Trading Categories: Trends and Investment
Best For: Investors looking to learn about macro trends and the basics of investing

3. Chat With Traders

chat with traders podcast

Chat with Traders gives you a sneak peek into the minds of some of the most elite traders in the business, allowing you to understand how they got to where they are now and what their best trading strategies and tips are. This podcast is well worth a listen if you want a broad understanding of the markets from some of the most legendary exponents of the game.

Trading Categories: Multiple
Best For: Anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the financial world one area at a time

4. TastyLive Network

tastylive podcast

TastyLive isn’t a single podcast—rather, it’s an entire network of podcasts running the gamut of trading, from Live from the Trade Desk (which talks you through the trading day, every day) to Let Me Explain (which helps people understand the complexities of the markets). TastyLive is starting to become a big player in Finance, and its podcast network has something for just about everyone.

Trading Categories: Multiple
Best For: Traders who want a variety of financial content in one place

5. Top Traders Unplugged

top traders unplugged

Top Traders Unplugged is hosted by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen, who brings on a fascinating lineup of investors, economists, traders, and thought leaders to discuss their journeys through the financial world. Delivering inspiration and insight in equal measure, TTU is one of the best trading podcasts out there, and Kaastrup-Larsen himself is a powerhouse in his own right with three decades of investment experience.

Trading Categories: Multiple
Best For: Traders who want to take inspiration and learn from industry leaders

6. Better System Trader

better system trader podcast

Better System Trader covers all aspects of systematic and algorithmic trading, taking you on a deep dive of the different strategies and styles that algo traders embrace. It’s a fortnightly dose of expertise as well as practical advice on improving your own trading skills, making it one of the best podcasts out there for learning the ins and outs of systematic trading.

Trading Categories: Algorithmic Trading
Best For: Traders of all skill levels interested in algorithmic and systematic trading

7. Real Vision Podcast

Real Vision is fronted by Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager and macro guru. He helps you to understand finance and how the global economy works, joining guests in deep-dive conversations about some of the biggest topics in finance that isn’t restricted to traditional areas—if you’re after a dose of crypto, Raoul is very much an advocate as well as an early adopter of tech like DeFi and NFTs.

Trading Categories: Investing, Macro, Crypto
Best For: Investors looking for an in-depth understanding of financial markets

8. Trading Lifestyle Podcast

trading lifestyle podcast

The Trading Lifestyle podcast is hosted by Hugh Kimura of the Trading Heroes blog, and it’s catered to listeners who aspire to become independent traders. It’s all about learning from Kimura and his selection of guests including professional traders and industry experts, and gleaning insights into how trading works and the best ways to develop mastery over it.

Trading Categories: Multiple
Best For: Investors and traders who want to learn and gain new perspectives from top traders

9. The Options Millionaire

options millionaire

Options Millionaire is a popular podcast in which hosts Peter and Travis take you through the complex world of options and derivatives trading, helping you to understand what’s going on and how you can add instruments like options to your own investment portfolio. There have only been 23 episodes so far, but they comprise a valuable, easy-to-digest crash course on options trading. 

Trading Categories: Options Trading
Best For: Anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of options trading

10. Confessions of a Market Maker

confessions of a market maker

We mentioned that the cards are often stacked against you when it comes to trading, and the Confessions of a Market Maker podcast often tells you exactly how. Providing you with the perspective of a 20-year insider, this podcast looks at the goings on of Wall Street with a dash of both clarity and entertainment, and is well worth a listen for anyone keen on how the financial world operates.

Trading Categories: Multiple
Best For: Listeners who want the inside scoop on how Wall Street really works

11. The Funded Trader

the funded trainer

The Funded Trader is a podcast where you can learn about different aspects of trading and even get involved via a demo account. Simulated or “paper trading” is a great way for beginners to get started and experience the rush of the markets without anything to lose, and this podcast can be a great introduction. You can find its host, “561Renzo”, on Whop.

Trading Categories: Simulated trading
Best For: Beginners

12. Affirmations for Traders

affirmations for traders

Affirmations for Traders is a podcast that breaks the mold, focusing on motivation and injecting positivity into the lives of listeners. Trading can be a very hard game and many can be severely affected by monetary losses, so this is an excellent companion for traders to keep them in the right frame of mind as they do battle in the markets.

Trading Categories: Motivation
Best For: Solo traders

13. Inspired Analyst

inspired analyst

Inspired Analyst is a crypto-focused trading specializing in education, teaching traders all about the emerging cryptocurrency market and how to navigate its extremely volatile, all-hours nature. It’s not just all things crypto either—Inspired Analyst also touches on data science and even helps traders maximize their potential by data visualization via common tools like Excel.

Trading Categories: Crypto, quantitative trading
Best For: Crypto enthusiasts or traders looking to learn about digital currencies

14. Swing Trading the Stock Market

swing trading the stock market

Swing Trading the Stock Market is a podcast that’s all about risk management, preaching the fundamentals of minimizing risk to maximize the success of the swing trading style. It’s hosted by Ryan Mallory, a Florida-based trader with over 30 years of swing trading experience, and the podcast has had over two million downloads to date.

Trading Categories: Swing trading, risk management
Best For: Beginner traders looking for a primer on risk and an easy-to-implement trading style

15. Mind over Markets

mind over markets

Mind over Markets is a podcast hosted by George Papazov and Mark Borszcz from TRADEPRO, focusing on trading psychology and looking at the mental challenges that traders face. They’ve got lots of solutions to issues that other traders have faced, and their podcast can be a valuable resource for even the most confident of traders.

Trading Categories: Mindset and psychology
Best For: All traders seeking to gain an edge via their mental approach to trading

16. Talking Trading

Talking Trading is a podcast co-hosted by trading authors and mentors Louise Bedford and Chris Tate. Considered two of Australia’s most influential finance personalities, Bedford and Tate deliver doses of free knowledge to their listeners on a weekly basis, covering a wide variety of trading topics and cutting edge strategies to help you become a better trader.

Trading Categories: Multiple
Best For: Traders of all levels looking for free expertise

17. Trading Global Markets Decoded

trading global markets pod

Trading Global Markets Decoded is hosted by DailyFX senior analyst Martin Essex covering the forex market. Twice a week, Essex looks at the hottest topics in FX and gives listeners both an education in trading Forex and the benefit of the wisdom of his many expert guests. Covering macro all the way down to individual styles like day trading, this podcast is over 120 episodes deep and a tremendous learning resource.

Trading Categories: Forex
Best For: Traders looking for free insights into every aspect of forex trading

18. Two Blokes Trading

two blokes trading

Two Blokes Trading is a podcast hosted by Rory and Jonathan, who share their thoughts and experiences trading different markets such as equities, crypto, Forex and more. They go over their strategies, interview guests, and try to demystify the stock market for listeners of all trading skill levels.

Trading Categories: Multiple
Best For: Traders looking to learn about different facets of the markets from the ground up

19. Planet Money

planet money

This list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of one of NPR’s many fine podcasts, and when it comes to trading Planet Money is right up there. Entertaining and informative in equal parts, this podcast began during the Global Financial Crisis close to two decades ago and has been covering big developments in the world of money ever since.

Trading Categories: Macro
Best For: Novice traders who want to start learning how major events move the markets

20. Roaring Kitty

roaring kitty

Not a podcast in the strictest sense of the word, but the Roaring Kitty’s streams offer hours upon hours of brilliant educational content into the world of stock analysis and value investing. That’s on top of the fact that the Kitty is one of the most legendary investors of the present day, and has recently resurfaced from a three-year silence—he’s famous for turning a $50k investment in retailer GameStop into over $30 million back in 2021, but revealed on June 6, 2024 that he’s grown that same position to over $580 million. Who better to learn about trading from?

Trading Categories: Value investing, fundamental stock analysis
Best For: Retail/household investors

21. Mad Money with Jim Cramer

mad money

With Roaring Kitty firmly on this list, it’s only fair to pick out a polar opposite in Mad Money with Jim Cramer. The podcast’s eponymous host is a former hedge fund manager perhaps most famous for a 2006 interview with Wall Street Confidential where he described how hedge funds manipulate stock prices using both questionably legal and outright illegal practices—including spreading false rumors to certain journalists. The self-described “banking-class hero” isn’t quite as candid nowadays, but Mad Money still makes for an entertaining listen, especially on days when retail shareholders appear to get one over on Wall Street.

Trading Categories: Day trading
Best For: Institutional investors

22. Invest Like the Best

invest like the best

Invest Like the Best is hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, and brings you in-depth conversations with leading investors and business leaders to help you learn from their experiences, ideas, and methods. With boardroom insights you won’t hear anywhere else across a wide range of industries, this podcast can help to bring you a deeper understanding of today’s capital markets and how to manage your own money.

Trading Categories: Multiple
Best For: Entrepreneurs and retail investors

23. The Trading Coach Podcast

the trading coach podcast

The Trading Coach Podcast brings you a mix of industry insights and inspirational anecdotes across the world of trading and investing, including the lows and challenges of the business such as depression and anxiety faced by traders. The podcast is hosted by Akil Stokes, a respected trader and trading coach in his own right, and you can listen to him weekly on a variety of platforms—and if you’re only just getting started, there are close to a thousand episodes to go back and listen to.

Trading Categories: Day trading, Forex
Best For: Aspiring traders looking to go fulltime

24. Wall Street Breakfast

wall st breakfast

Wall Street Breakfast is the daily financial news podcast of Seeking Alpha, a crowd-sourced financial content service founded by former Morgan Stanley analyst David Jackson headquartered in Israel. If you like your morning routines, the podcast makes for an excellent addition as it packs all of the key market news into easily digestible chunks and serves them to you like clockwork before the market opens.  

Trading Categories: Financial news
Best For: Swing traders and investors

25. Rule Breaker Investing

rule breaker investing

Staying with the podcast arms of well known content services, Rule Breaker Investing is The Motley Fool’s trading podcast. It’s hosted by best-selling author David Gardner, one of the Fool’s key business drivers, and Rule Breaker Investing is his platform to share his thoughts and insights on market movers as well as talk about his own signature trading principles.

Trading Categories: Day trading, swing trading
Best For: Beginners

26. The AlphaMind Podcast

the alpha mind podcast

The AlphaMind Podcast offers a different take to many trading podcasts by focusing on the trader themselves, with most of their hundred-plus episodes giving you insights into different aspects of what they call the ‘trader self’. If you want to be the best possible trader you can be and optimize your trading via developing resilience, fortitude and the right mindset, the AlphaMind podcast is well worth checking out.

Trading Categories: Trading psychology and mindset
Best For: All traders

27. Digest and Invest

digest and invest

Digest and Invest is the podcast run by trading platform and neo-broker eToro. Hosted by Sam North, the podcast presents financial news in an upbeat, easy-to-listen format while also bringing on a selection of guests—some of the most famous being Raoul Pal and Sue Gove, pictured above. Digest and Invest airs every day, giving you your daily financial fix in under five minutes, with guest episodes running longer.

Trading Categories: Financial news
Best For: Swing traders and investors

28. IG Trading the Markets

IG the trading markets

IG Trading the Markets is a podcast that covers a variety of asset classes and financial markets, and is presented by trading platform IG. The podcast is helpfully categorized into different series that dive deep into select topics, such as trading psychology, investing in cannabis, and the best trading books. If there are certain areas of investment and trading you want to brush up on, Trading the Markets could definitely have what you need.

Trading Categories: Day trading, forex, commodities
Best For: All traders

29. How To Trade It: Trader Insight from Profitable Traders

how to trade it

How To Trade It: Trader Insight from Profitable Traders is quite the mouthful, but it’s also quite the podcast—seasoned prop trader Casey Stubbs is all about helping you progress in your trading journey and sharpening all of your trading skills and strategies. Stubbs and guests delve into a new topic every week, aiming to deliver eye-opening insights geared to elevate your game.

Trading Categories: Multiple
Best For: Day traders, prop traders

30. Stocks and Sandals

stocks and sandal

Stocks and Sandals is presented by Stock Dads, an irreverent but extremely effective trading community that balances the dad jokes out with real trading chops, including all of the qualifications you’d expect from true pros who nevertheless don’t take themselves too seriously. The Stocks and Sandals podcast is served up in weekly doses, giving you all the market insights and trading opportunities you need along with that real Dad vibe.

Trading Categories: Day trading, investment
Best For: Day traders, swing traders, retail investors

Want to Learn Even More about Trading?

Trading podcasts like the ones above are an excellent source of alpha when it comes to the markets and how to navigate them, but there’s always other options if you want to take your trading game to the next level.

The best trading communities, for example, tend to encompass all of the different types of media and learning resources needed for anyone to learn. Whether it’s one on one instruction, workshops, communal learning and activities, on-demand video, live streamed trading sessions and tutorials or in-depth guides, you should give trading communities a shot if you’re serious about educating yourself.

trading communities Whop

Whop is home to some of the internet’s best trading communities, and they cover a broad variety of specializations, including different trading styles and asset classes. You can find as many learning resources as you need in these groups, and many of them are led by teachers who are brilliant traders in their own right.

You can find specific trading groups no matter what your taste or area of interest, such as this list of options trading groups on the one hand, or this one comprising the best Forex communities on the other. 

A lot of these communities also feature trading courses, which is another excellent way to learn about trading. Courses are purpose-built to help you skill up as fast as possible, so they’re worth checking out too—and we’ve got your back with this guide to this year’s top online trading courses

What are the Different Types of Trading?

There are so many different types of trading that any two podcasts you pick from the list above may have almost no overlap at all when it comes to the styles they follow, what their trading philosophy is, and even what kind of assets are being traded.

The biggest difference between one trader and another often starts with their choice of asset, since each market tends to operate differently and have its own idiosyncrasies. Some assets may be inherently more volatile than others, which then implies that one style of trading and risk management approach may be more suited to that asset class than others.

The most commonly traded assets tend to be stocks and Forex, but emerging assets like cryptocurrencies change the game entirely. For one thing, crypto markets are global and operate 24/7/365, unlike equities which have strictly bound trading times and take a break for holidays—although it must be noted that institutions like banks and hedge funds often trade over the counter outside of normal trading hours, and that tends to be when stocks move the most.

Once you decide on what sort of asset you want to focus on, you can then start looking at different styles. Swing trading is the most common among casual traders, and it represents buying and selling assets over a timeframe of anything between a week and a few months. Day traders, in contrast, enter and exit their positions during the course of a single session, and scalpers operate within a time-frame of a few seconds.

Should You Start Your Own Podcast?

If you’ve got something to share, then a podcast is a fantastic way to do it! It’s one of the easiest types of content to consume, which means that you’re not going to struggle to retain your audience as long as whatever you’re broadcasting is worth listening to. You don't have to be an expert to start a podcast. If you're just starting out as a trader, why not document your journey and all of your wins, losses, and experiences along the way? Or, if you have been trading for a while, why not share your top tips and tricks with an educational podcast?

It’s also surprisingly easy to monetize a podcast, so it is worth the effort you put into it—a podcast is often one of the first side-hustles people start because of just how easy it is to start building a revenue stream.

Check Out More Podcasts or Start Your Own on Whop

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