Trading - whether it be stocks, crypto, etc. - has been the golden ticket to financial freedom for many individuals worldwide. While trading is a risky endeavor, a top-tier trading community can help you level up your trading skills to help you achieve your financial goals. In a poll conducted by the news site CNBC, 62% of people said that they believe trading had made them wealthier. Whereas just 15% of people said trading had the opposite effect.

Finding the perfect trading community for you can be tricky due to the vast ocean of options out there. To help you choose, we’ve curated a list of the best trading Discord servers on Whop, which we’ll discuss in this article. This list isn’t in a specific order; it’s up to you to decide which of these appeals to you the most.

Why Discord?

Discord is purpose-built for communities like those in the trading space. Its versatile design lets owners categorize topics for quick access and lets users pick exactly what they want to receive notifications for. Beyond text chat, it supports voice chat, voice notes, and screen-sharing. Unlike other platforms, Discord supports third-party bots and webhooks, allowing further customization to streamline the user experience, such as bots that can monitor the stock market, analyze potential trades, etc.

What Makes a Good Trading Server?

A good trading community, like most communities, should be full of individuals willing to learn and willing to help each other whenever possible. Always assume your peers know something you don’t because they likely do. On top of having friendly, helpful members, a good trading community should ideally have some experienced traders in there who will share information to help you make trading decisions and help you to grow as an individual trader.

🏆 Whop’s Premier Trading Servers

🥇 1. Wealth Group

With a name like “Wealth Group,” you’ve got to have the features to back it up… and they do! Wealth Group is an exclusive community focusing on crypto trading, specifically alongside some NFT information like whitelists. Wealth Group is for both newbies and experienced traders alike, offering everything from educational courses and content to comprehensive charts and trading signals.

Like some of our other top sellers, Wealth Group hosts daily live streams with their experienced traders so you can ask questions and learn from the best. Wealth Group also offers a concierge service, where you can receive one-on-one support and advice to help you in your crypto trading journey. Something we love about this group is the community itself - being so tight-knit and presenting many networking opportunities for all members, which is exactly what you want.

Wealth Group offers a monthly subscription: $225 per month. This can be purchased with crypto, which is fitting, considering it’s a group offering top-tier crypto advice. Signups are only available twice a month, so be sure to join the waitlist to secure your spot!

You can learn more about Wealth Group here.

2. Kaizen

Kaizen is one of the biggest cryptocurrency-focused trading groups around, numbering over 14,000 members served by an expert trading team with 30+ years of combined experience. Beginner-friendly trading is the name of the game here, allowing you to step in and take advantage of the crypto bull run no matter your experience level, trading skills, or blockchain knowledge.

Featured on one of the top crypto YouTube channels, Kaizen runs live sessions throughout the day, dishing out exclusive masterclasses and trading workshops. There’s also a wealth of resources you can consume at your leisure, as well as one-on-one mentorship and consultation if you need a little personalized guidance to set you on your way. 

You can join Kaizen for just $199 a month, but signing up for longer sees the discounts start to rack up—the quarterly plan is priced at $550, the six month option comes in at $1075, and the annual plan clocks an even $2000. You can also sample Kaizen via their Lite plan, which grants you access to the exclusive Kaizen group chat for the equivalent of a dollar a day. We’d recommend trying the group out first with a Lite or monthly sub but then switching to either quarterly, where you’ll save $50, or annual, which is around $400 off the monthly plan.

You can learn more about Kaizen here.

3. Team Bull Trading

Team Bull Trading is a well-established trading community created by popular social media influencer and professional trader “Jdun.” Jdun created Team Bull Trading to teach others how to become their best at trading. Team Bull Trading isn’t only run by Jdun; eight highly experienced traders are ready to teach you everything you need to know about trading. As their Whop page says: “educating traders daily.”

One of Team Bull Trading’s key features, which they often boast, is their live voice trading. Here, the full Team Bull Trading team does daily live streams exclusively for members, allowing members to learn from the best in real-time. This is an awesome way of learning and a great insight into how experienced traders think. Something else they offer, which we love, is their “Trading Floor” channel, which is exactly what it sounds like. Team Bull Trading says the trading floor is “one channel, easy to follow, and dangerously valuable.” That says it all, and we agree with how valuable something like this may be.

You can subscribe to Team Bull Trading for just $125 per month plus a $35 initial fee, and there’s also a 7 day free trial on offer! You can also sign up on an annual basis for $999, and given the savings involved we’d recommend that you grab that free trial and then jump in for a year.

You can learn more about Team Bull Trading here.

4. The Haven

Ran by six seasoned veterans of trading, The Haven is a large, bustling community concentrating on cryptocurrency trading. The Haven aims to teach its members to gain the keen insight they need to be confident in their trading decisions and improve their overall trading skillset. Even just reading through their Whop page, it’s clear that The Haven cares about the quality of their education offerings - showcasing their dedication to helping you climb to the top!

While The Haven emphasizes education, each of its six analysts has at least one text channel dedicated to trade ideas and other useful information. This is a nice format for information, as it allows you to fine-tune who you get your information from and what you will get notifications for. This format also lets you get to know each analyst’s style a little better, which is excellent for watching their daily live streams (exclusive to members), so you can understand their thought process more and learn faster. Talking about learning faster, The Haven also offers thousands of hours of engaging educational content for you to learn from… yes, thousands.

The Haven can be accessed for $250 monthly or $750 every three months (the same price either way). Being a group that teaches cryptocurrency trading, you can also purchase access to the group via various cryptocurrencies. As with all other picks in this article, thanks to the power of Whop, you will receive access to the community immediately after your payment has been processed.

You can learn more about The Haven here.

5. Stock Dads

Presenting to you a fine example of a mature and professional community: Stock Dads. Stock Dads is a community that really hits the nail on the head when it comes to teaching others how to start trading and how to improve their current knowledge. This community was founded by a group of best-in-class analysts who have a passion for teaching others.

Stock Dads offer something you don’t often see: every member gets their own personal mentor to guide them through Stock Dads’ roadmap and assist them on all things trading. While they also offer features you may expect after reading this article, such as daily live streams, real-time trading signals, etc, Stock Dads also houses numerous financial professionals. These include their own in-house CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CFP (Certified Financial Planner), among others, which is an invaluable addition for some!

This is another community that has a fantastic pricing structure. Stock Dads offer four different membership types: “Stock Dads”, “Crypto Dads,”, “Dad Bets,”, and “Dad Bundle”. The first focuses on stocks and the second focuses on crypto (as their names suggest). “Dad Bets” focuses on sports betting, and finally, “Dad Bundle” is the full package - featuring stocks, options, crypto, and sports betting.

The Stock Dads membership is available for $40 per week, $145 per month, $400 per three months, or $1300 per year. The Crypto Dads membership is available for $15 per week, $40 per month, $110 per three months, or $420 per year. Dad Bets is priced the same as Crypto Dads coming in at $15 per week, $40 per month, $110 per three months, or $420 per year. If you paid for each of these individually, you would be looking at $2,140 a year. However, the Dad Bundle offers all three membership options for $50 per week, $165 per month, $470 per three months, or $1,500 per year! The Dad Bundle plan works out to be 35% cheaper than buying the three memberships separately, so certainly consider that option if you’re looking to save some money.

You can learn more about Stock Dads here.

6. The Sniper Club

The Sniper Club is a private trading group set up by a group of top traders on a mission to help and guide you on your own journey toward becoming a pro trader. Joining The Sniper Club gives you access to a like-minded community on exactly the same trajectory you’re on, along with the tools to make it all possible.

The community provides you with all the trade signals, set-ups, and alerts you need, as well as the educational resources to tie it all together. You can also follow the Sniper team take trades live, and they’ve got some serious street cred. Group founder Sheldon’s claim to fame is sniping his way to $1 million from just $400 in less than two years, and he’ll show you exactly how to replicate this feat by sharing his direct trading portfolio.

You can become part of the Sniper Squad with both Discord and Telegram access to the community for just $99 a month, or snipe yourself the deal of the year with annual access for just $899. You can also pay for a 3-month Sniper Club membership with cryptocurrency to the tune of $299.

7. MoneyMotive A+

MoneyMotive A+

MoneyMotive A+ is a trading Discord server and community that revolves around the knowledge and expertise of an expert options trader and investor. In the group, he shares his personal trading strategies and gives members an inside look at his trades, talking through live entries and exits with live trading sessions every day.

Alongside the expert insight and access you gain by joining the group, there’s also over 1000 hours of educational content, including lessons from a number of successful traders. It’s one of the best groups to learn technical analysis, and as over 165k Twitter followers will attest, MoneyMotive is one of the most consistent high-performing traders out there.

You’ve got three options if you want to join the MoneyMotive A+ Discord community. The Limited-Monthly plan is currently priced at $280, with Limited-Yearly at $1999.99 and Limited-Lifetime at $5000. We’d recommend the annual option, because even though it’s a significant investment, it offers a very solid discount over the monthly plan. 

You can learn more about MoneyMotive A+ here.

8. American Dream Trading

American Dream Trading

American Dream Trading is one of the best online communities focusing not just on stocks and options but trading education. It’s run by a 30-year veteran of the stock market called Chad Christian, better known as “CoachCWC”, who along with his team of 10+ mentors empowers community members with the benefits of his vast experience.

You’ll get a lot from American Dream Trading, with this community being the perfect place to level up your trading skills. They’ve got an entire library of resources for you to delve into, from eBooks on key trading areas to workshops and thousands of hours of video on demand. That’s not even touching on the main draw of ADT, which is the chance to learn from Coach’s 30 years of priceless stock market experience. You can harness this by following along as Coach conducts daily workshops and educational streams and signing up for a 1-on-1 mentorship that’s personalized to best give you the training you need.

American Dream Trading has a lot of options when it comes to signing up, but the core offer is the $200 Premium membership, which also goes at $50 weekly, $500 quarterly or $1500 on an annual basis. You can also go VIP for $500 a month, $1200 a quarter or $2500 a year if you want the lot. In both cases, the annual option provides significant savings.

You can also pick and choose different American Dream products if you’d prefer. There’s the two Master Mind Classes priced at 225 and $199, and 1 on 1 training with one of Coach’s Moderators at $350. If you’d rather just have it all for one lump sum investment, though, you can grab VIP Lifetime Access for $5000.  

You can learn more about American Dream Trading here.

9. FU Money Club

FU Money Club is a new trading community, in operation since March but already rocketing to the top of the charts. It’s a family owned and operated business, offering a Discord server with live market streams, insider chat and private giveaways as well as an exclusive TradingView indicator that you can grab separately.

Owned and operated by Zack Morris, a seat at the FU Money Club table can be yours for  just $100 per month. You can also grab the Zack Attack TradingView indicator to stay ahead of the game for a further $50 per month, meaning just a total outlay of $150 per month if you want to go all in!

You can learn more about FU Money Club here.

10. Sniper Trades

sniper trades

Sniper Trades is a trading community built by traders, for traders. When you sign up you get access to both their Discord server and Telegram, and you’ll get market alerts via both platforms. Live market commentary is one thing that Sniper Trades stands out for, but they’ve also got technology on their side with bots giving you the most important financial news as it happens.

You’ve got plenty of trade alerts coming from Sniper Trades depending on your preferences, and the group truly comes alive when the market is in full swing. There’s plenty of education to be had too, and members will vouch for the fact that just about every question gets a thoughtful and honest answer. Transparency is a plus and Sniper Trades buys into that view fully, and whether you need alerts at the right time or personalized attention and help understanding how to manage your account, this is the group for you.

Sniper Trades has plenty of options when it comes to signing up, and you can even jump in with a $50 weekly trial to check out all of the group’s features before picking the perfect plan for you. The weekly trial works out the same as the Premium plan of $199 per month, but you can drop down to Lite at $149 per month if you’re willing to do without the private Discord chat room but stick with the live market commentary. There’s also a Basic plan priced at $120, but you’ve got to forgo quite a few features so we’d recommend Lite or Premium for the best bang for your buck with Sniper Trades. If you’d like to make a longer commitment, both the Premium and Lite plans are also available on a quarterly and annual basis, with both annual options effectively netting you two free months.

You can learn more about Sniper Trades here.

11. Stock Hours

Stock Hours is a very impressive trading community that has been running for over five years. In just five years, Stock Hours’ students have profited over $20,500,000 thanks to Stock Hours’ profitable signals and awesome lessons. That’s a lot of zeros! Stock Hours was founded by popular trading influencer and day trader Nour “nourtrades” Atta, who has gained a large following on social media due to his motivational posts and lavish lifestyle.

No matter what time, it’s never a slow day with Stock Hours. They ensure this by hosting pre-market reviews every morning and lessons to teach you the entire spectrum of trading every night. As for the in-between, well, you’re spoilt for choice. Stock Hours provides you with their full library of tips & tricks, books, and videos so you can always be making progress. Stock Hours’ expert traders will always tell you when they enter and exit positions so you can follow their steps and profit as they do.

Stock Hours offers three separate membership options, each with their own monthly price. Firstly is their “Signals Chat” membership, their main subscription that provides everything you need to become a pro. This membership is available for $199 monthly. The other option is their “Algorithm” membership, which gives you access to the exact algorithm the community owner, Nour, uses to help him make profitable trading decisions. This membership is available for $49 monthly.

The final membership option is the 'VIP Bundle'. This includes instant access to everything included in both the 'Signals Chat' membership and the 'Algorithm' membership! This VIP Bundle is an awesome deal at just $224.99, but if you’d rather just dip your toes in to test the waters first, Stock Hours also has a free trial option!

You can learn more about Stock Hours here.

12. Scarface Trades

Scarface Trades is the community behind the Scarfaces Trades Accelerator, a five star day trading course designed to get you trading at an expert level regardless of your skill level going in through training in strategy, psychology, risk management and much more.

The community features plenty of content beyond that as well so you’ll want to stick around, joining in on daily live voice trading with either Tony or Jdub who’ll take you through all of their entries and exits in detail. On top of that, you’ll get daily trade reviews to further your learning, and live weekly market outlook sessions so you can gear up for the week ahead.

You’ll only have to invest $200 a month to join Scarface Trades, although their annual plan is extremely appetizing at just $1499. It’ll pay to get one the group’s extended plans quickly thanks to the savings involved, and if you enjoy the live content and think Scarface is for you across the long term, lifetime access can be had for just $3000.

You can learn more about Scarface Trades here.

13. Wolves of Wealth

Wolves of Wealth is a stock trading Discord community that aims to create self-sufficient traders and personal finance experts who can forge their own path toward financial freedom and generational wealth. 

Members receive a powerful suite of alerts including admin trades as well as swings and options, meaning that you can refine your own style and still get plenty of value from what Wolves provide. With weekly watchlists, live trading and over 40 channels to explore, Wolves of Wealth truly are the real deal when it comes to creating consistent traders.

Access to the community comes in a single membership tier, so all you have to do is decide how long you’d like to sign up for. Getting involved with the group on a monthly basis costs $150 paid every two months, but if you like what you see it may be worth upgrading quickly. The next plan up costs $300 but is paid every 150 days, making it a great deal, while half a year costs $600 and is billed every 270 days. Lifetime membership is also a great shout at just $999.

You can learn more about Wolves of Wealth here.

14. Oculus Trading

oculus trading

Oculus Trading is a trading community built around a vibrant, supportive Discord community that’s all about bringing like-minded traders together. Oculus is all about sharing insights, digging into the latest trends, and comparing experiences so that everyone benefits - and his own expertise with over 6 years of experience doesn’t hurt either!

All of this shared intelligence can pay off big time with the market knowledge you gain, and following the Oculus alerts can help to broaden your understanding of potential trades very fast. Advanced technology and simplified processes help too, and Oculus leverages the most cutting-edge algorithms to analyze market trends and give you all the information you need to make sharp trades.

Oculus Trading keeps it simple on the subscription front, with a weekly subscription priced at $40 and a monthly option for $160 as well as a $360 annual plan. All of these options allow you full access to the Oculus Trading Discord server, live market alerts, educational resources, and AI trading tools. They’re also perfect for traders of all levels! If you prefer an unlimited subscription option, Oculus offers Lifetime Student Access for $1,777 which also includes extra perks like exclusive channels on Discord as well as trading indicators.

Oculus Trading has also introduced the Oculus University ELITE plan for $2999. You’ll start on the waitlist, but once on base, you’ll be paying for exclusive 1 on 1 mentoring sessions with Oculus, phone and text support, and coaching around all things trading.

You can learn more about Oculus Trading here.

15. RakeTrades


RakeTrades is a community aimed at turning anyone into a consistently profitable trader. RakeTrades was founded by Jake Ricci - a full-time day trader who has been trading for over six years and has mentored over one thousand traders worldwide. On top of Jake’s vast experience, RakeTrades also houses its core team and occasionally offers trade ideas from outside analysts.

Are you new to trading? No need to worry! RakeTrades provides its members over three hundred recordings, including live trade reviews, premarket analysis, and even psychology lessons. That’s not something you see often, but it’s certainly powerful to know. RakeTrades also offers daily and weekly watch lists to ensure you’re always prepared, which pairs great with their insightful technical analysis and trading floor.

As for pricing, RakeTrades keeps it nice and simple, with just two options. You can join RakeTrades for $175 monthly, or if you’d prefer to pay once for lifetime access to the community, you can do so for a one-time payment of $3,000. As with all communities, we’d recommend testing the waters with the monthly plan before jumping into the lifetime option. Plus, you can preview the server at no cost.

You can learn more about RakeTrades here.

16. Owls Options Traders

Owls Options Traders is a community founded by Kian Flowseidon and Jonathan Elkan, who frequently post information about stocks on X (formally Twitter) and have amassed a large following by doing so - a hint at how knowledgeable they are when it comes to trading. Kian, Jonathan, and their fellow traders are experts at analysis-driven options and common stock trading and want you to be too.

This community houses many experienced traders who you can learn from and even follow exactly what they do via their real-time trade alerts. Something else Owls Options Traders offers is advanced trading bots powered by artificial intelligence, built to monitor market trends and execute trades efficiently. Though this may sound intimidating to some, worry not, as this tight-knit, educated community is always ready to lend a helping hand.

The price for this group couldn’t be better, and it is by far one of the most affordable options on the market today. Owls Options Traders is available to join for a flat price of $50 monthly. This $50 tier is fantastic for sampling the community, and if you decide that it’s for you, check out the $280 6-month option or the $500 annual plan, since both will net you savings, but it’s worth noting that lifetime access is also a steal at just $1000. There’s also a free access option if you’d like a smaller sample of what the community is like!

You can learn more about Owls Options Traders here.

17. EzTrades

Claiming to be “the #1 trading group and indicator”, EzTrades is another one of Whop’s best-selling trading communities. EzTrades focuses on algorithmic trading via their trading indicator “EzAlgo”, which you will receive access to when you join the group. Like other options on this list, EzTrades’ ultimate goal is to help you achieve financial freedom.

Though “algorithmic trading” may sound rather daunting, EzTrades make sure everyone in their group can become confident trading by providing all users with their own curated twenty-six-page PDF file and videos. These resources are designed to help you get started and know which strategies to use. EzTrades also boast their impressive forex signals, claiming a 94% win rate - pretty crazy, eh?

EzTrades is one of the more affordable options on the market, offering access for just $59 monthly. Alternatively, if monthly subscriptions aren’t your thing, you can go for the annual option priced at $468. Whichever plan you choose, you’ll receive instant access to everything EzTrades offers.

You can learn more about EzTrades here.

18. FLI Capital

FLI Capital is a community that focuses on building wealth by teaching you how to earn money through investing and keeping it through understanding financial literacy. In their own words: “Our mission is to create a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to achieving financial freedom through intelligent and responsible investing.” It’s clear to us that FLI Capital’s primary objective is to ensure you can live your best life by being financially free.

This community caters to novice and experienced traders alike, offering educational resources to help you get started and mentorship, which is useful for anyone at any skill level. FLI Capital’s mentorship is available both during the market and after hours, so you can get the help you need exactly when needed. They also give members access to numerous trading bots and indicators to help with ideas on what/how to trade - something potentially unobtainable on your own.

The price for FLI Capital’s “VIP” membership is very straightforward, being $50 monthly.

You can learn more about FLI Capital here.

19. The Whale Room

The Whale Room

The Whale Room is home to some of the top traders in the world, and is led by a recognizable face in Crypto Banter’s Kyle Doops. The group’s goal is to create the most profitable community in the world, and attacks this objective with top trade signals, setups and portfolios that members get full access to.

It’s a great community to join in order to learn all about making profitable trades, both in terms of the wisdom behind making moves as well as smart management of risk. You can learn all about how to take trades like a pro, and there’s plenty of institutional grade Alpha here if you’re serious about trading.

If you want to Become A Whale, you can subscribe to the group for just $99 per month, or pick up a discounted annual plan for just $899. It’s also fitting that you can pay in crypto for a group that doesn’t shy away from crypto trading—$299 worth of cryptocurrency through Whop will get you into The Whale Room for a full quarter.

You can learn more about The Whale Room here.

20. Cold Blooded Traders

Cold blooded traders

Cold Blooded Traders is one of Whop’s hottest new trading communities, and it focuses on trading education with an emphasis on the cryptocurrency markets. Offering you a complete grounding in trading and a comprehensive course covering everything from market basics and trading styles to risk management and trading tactics, Cold Blooded Trader aims to develop your skills and help you build a trading approach from the ground up.

When you sign up to Cold Blooded Trader, you get access to a 12-hour, fully structured foundation course, allowing you to develop your own trading system and setting you up for success. Going up the tiers allows you to join the Cold Blooded Traders Discord server to share your journey with others walking the same path and access to the Cold Blooded Trader himself. Gold adds trading live streams to the mix, and Ultimate is an exclusive and limited tier for an even greater level of interaction. 

In terms of pricing, the Basic foundational course goes for a one-time payment of $249. Silver and Gold come in at $349 and $449 respectively, while the Cold Blooded Trader Ultimate package is currently at a one-time payment of $549—so get it while it’s hot!

You can learn more about Cold Blooded Traders here.

21. Crypto Galaxy

Crypto Galaxy is one of the hottest trading Discord servers on Whop, rising up the ranks on the back of unprecedented success on the part of its members. With over 100 members and counting retiring on the back of their trading gains in the first half of 2024 alone, Crypto Galaxy is proving to be one of the best providers of trading excellence via both trading insights and education—as profitable as CG’s trades are, the hundreds of pages worth of crypto intel on offer via their PDF guides and Crypto Constellation eBook are a practical BTC mine.

When it comes to joining Crypto Galaxy, you won’t be hard pressed to find the right plan for you. VIP membership only costs $149 per month and you get access to all of the educational resources as well as trade alerts and the Discord group, but there’s much more to choose from. Ultimate membership is an extremely popular choice since it adds personal, direct contact with CG including portfolio reviews for $499, and you can also plump for the Altcoin Investing Course for $1499, the Profit Taking Course for $999, or the Solana Meme Coin Trading Course for $499. If you want the lot, grab the Bundle and get everything we mentioned, bar the perks of Ultimate, for a one-time fee of $4999. 

You can learn more about Crypto Galaxy here. 

Which Community is Best For You?

The world of trading is a very diverse place, and there are many different types of trading, each with its own niche trading methods. Because of this, and because it varies on who you are and what you want to achieve, there is no one size fits all answer. The communities mentioned in this article aren’t the only options for you to look through - Whop is home to hundreds of different trading communities, so if nothing here catches your eye, check out Whop’s trading category. Nonetheless, we highly recommend reading more about each community on this list so you can build your own thoughts.

Strong Communities for All Traders

As you’ve seen in this article, trading doesn’t have to be a difficult space that you must traverse on your own. With the help of a strong community and expert advice, you can go from being a newbie trader to being the next Warren Buffett in no time.

👉 Be sure to check out the options discussed in this article and the many other communities available to join on Whop.

We’ll end this article with a quote that we believe reflects the importance of a good community:

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much."

- Helen Keller