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No indicators, no algorithms, just price action.

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Becoming a consistently profitable trader is not an easy task. At RakeTrades, we provide all the education and information needed for you to find high-quality trade setups both intraday and long-term.


Discord access

Trade Alerts
Gain access to educational trade ideas from Jake, his core team, and outside analysts.
Gain access to over 300 recordings including live trade reviews, premarket analysis, and psychology lessons.
Gain access to Weekly & Daily Watchlists so you're always prepared.
Technical Analysis
Gain access to technical analysis from Jake and his team.
Trading Floor
Gain access to the exclusive Trading Floor where we share ideas and answer your questions.
Gain access to Tradytics, Unusual Whales, Options Fam Bot, and Alpha Bot.
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Customer reviews
2 days ago
I recently had the pleasure of joining RakeTrades, a remarkable day-trading Discord channel, and I must say it has greatly enhanced my trading experience. This review aims to highlight the exceptional value and support that RakeTrades offers to beginner traders like me. One of the standout features of RakeTrades is the diverse team of mentors available within the community. These mentors possess extensive knowledge and experience in options trading and futures. Moreover, the Discord channel itself is well-organized and user-friendly. It offers various channels dedicated to different aspects of trading, allowing members to focus on specific topics of interest. The community is active, engaging, and supportive, fostering a collaborative environment where traders can share insights, ideas, and market analysis. I have found immense value in connecting and learning from fellow traders in the RakeTrades community. Additionally, RakeTrades provides regular updates, trade alerts, and educational resources, which have been instrumental in expanding my understanding of the market. The team consistently shares valuable insights, highlighting potential trading opportunities and helping me stay ahead of the curve. Overall, RakeTrades has surpassed my expectations as a day-trading Discord channel. With its exceptional mentors, active community, and valuable resources, it has undoubtedly helped me become a better trader. I highly recommend RakeTrades to anyone seeking a supportive and educational environment to improve their trading skills and enhance their profitability. Kudos to the RakeTrades team for their outstanding efforts in creating such a fantastic trading community! Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience and opinion. Individual results may vary.
Purchased 2 days ago
9 days ago
Great membership!
Purchased 9 days ago
9 days ago
Love it, great support, community & lots of positive vibes ;) Jake as a person is really responsible in sharing signals & alerts. Love the live voice trade as well, hope he does it more often! Worth a try with the promo given its the FIRST time the price is that low.
Purchased a month ago
Is RakeTrades a licensed advisor?
Rake Trades and this Discord server, RakeTradesLLC, are not registered as an investment advisor nor a broker/dealer with either the CFTC, NFA, or any futures & securities regulatory authority. We do not have access to non-public information regarding publicly traded companies. Content contained in or made available through the Discord server, "RakeTradesLLC", or our respective social media accounts, is not to be considered financial or investment advice. Users of this site and service are advised that all information presented is used solely for entertainment and educational purposes only, is not intended to be used as a personalized investment recommendation, and is not attuned to any specific portfolio or to any user's particular investment needs or objectives.
How do I get customer support?
If you are in our discord server, head to #support and create a ticket by clicking any of the options in that channel. If you are not in our discord server, please email callan@raketradesllc.com.
What is your cancelation policy?
Canceling your subscription is easy with the Whop Dashboard. It is up to you to cancel your subscription before your invoice date if you do not wish to be charged. If you cannot cancel through the Whop Dashboard please send an email to callan@raketradesllc.com.
What is your refund policy?
Except when required by law, paid subscription fees are non-refundable. RakeTradesLLC does not offer any refunds or returns for any and all purchased goods or services. All sales are final. ‍Certain refund requests for subscriptions may be considered by RakeTrades on a case-by-case basis and granted at the sole discretion of the company. Customer communication is incredibly important when it comes to refunds. We urge you to send an email to callan@raketradesllc.com if you wish to request a refund.
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RakeTrades is the official Discord community for Jake Ricci. Jake is a full-time day trader who trades options and equities using level-to-level analysis and price action. He has been trading for more than 6 years and has mentored more than 1000 individual traders.
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