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Owls Options Traders

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Redefining Options Trading

Transform your trading journey with Owl's Options Traders! Access real-time trade ideas and expert analysis within our vibrant Discord community. Benefit from AI-driven bots monitoring market trends and executing trades. Learn and grow with fellow traders - perfect for all experience levels and account sizes. Join us today!

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Trade Alerts
Real-time trade ideas based on expert analysis
Day Trading
Call and put options, intraday scalping, swings trades, and more
Discord Community
Interact, learn, and grow with fellow traders in our active Discord group.
Advanced Trading Bots
Automated AI-driven bots to monitor market trends and execute trades efficiently.
Customer question & answers
After $40 for 4 weeks, what is the subscription price? Weekly, monthly
You will be locked at $40 until you cancel!
Are your real time trading recommendations in options exclusive to members only?
Im a newbie so would like to get entries/exits. Do you provide those in real time? If yes, how many trades on average per day?
Yes, we do provide them in real time. The amount of trades truly depend on market conditions. If market allows us to place 5 plus trades a day, then we will. If there is nothing that catches our eye, well it may just be a slow day. So it really just depends
Can’t find Kian trades on discord. Hard to figure out.
Very to easy to find all traders as they are labeled in each channel. Always take the time to read or watch our discord handbook before jumping into your first trade
How many signals, on average, do subscribers receive daily?
It truly depends on market conditions. If the market is slow, i'd say maybe 1-3. But if the market gives us a nice opportunity, we could see 5 plus in a day.
Customer reviews
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2 months ago
Knowledgeable staff and everyone is so helpful.
Purchased 8 months ago
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2 months ago
Could be better. I only signed up for Flow and tried the other channels like the premium trade floor. Trade floor chat can be cleaned up. Too many unnecessary chats during market hours. There are too many ideas which make the discord cluttered and hard to navigate.
Purchased 2 months ago
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2 months ago
Kian and Prof are great people. they really want everyone to succeed and it's obv they have a lot of fun doing it.
Purchased 6 months ago
What kind of support can I expect in the Discord community?
In the Discord community, you'll have access to real-time trade ideas, AI-driven bots for market trend monitoring, and the opportunity to interact, learn, and grow with fellow traders. Our community welcomes traders of all experience levels and account sizes, ensuring a supportive and collaborative environment for building financial freedom.
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Owls Options Traders
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95 reviews

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Setting the new standard for building financial freedom with analysis driven options and common stock trading. Join our Discord community and take advantage of investing community, regardless of account size and experience.

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