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The Options Cartel

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Becoming a Profitable Trader Has Never Been Easier

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Get a taste of the experience at The Options Cartel offering: education, actionable trade ideas and a community of like minded traders.

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Live Trade Alerts
Gain access to real-time trade alerts
Daily Market Analysis
Gain access to intraday and post market analysis to help guide you through the markets.
Custom Flow Bot
Gain access to AI automated flow, making it accessible and actionable for every trader
Educational Streams
Gain access to Weekly and Daily educational streams : Reviewing trades and discussing trading strategies.
Private Community
Gain access to a private chat room of like minded people and experienced traders dedicated to making you profitable.
Customer Q&A
Q: Do you have a track record of your trades of the last year
A: Yes, you can find all trades here: https://waveglobaltrading.com/membership-plans Scroll down to the spreadsheet
Asked on Dec 20, 2023
Q: sean, i see you post spx do you do odte trades daily?
A: I personally do not trade 0DTE $SPX We have an analyst in the discord who only trades $SPX 0DTE Ryan will provide all the $SPX alerts
Asked on May 22, 2024
Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(121 reviews)
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18d ago
WGT has been an incredible investment for my trading game so far. Have been in this discord for just under 2 weeks and have already learned so much. There are different styles of traders in the group to fit your specific preference but when it comes to swing trading, this is by far the best group to be a part of. The education is priceless and the calls are good to study or even shadow if you have proper risk management.
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19d ago
This is my first time review. I tried tons of Discord. Wave Global trading is the best fit for me. I like how Sean is trading. I think there are 2 different style of option trader. One is breakout trader, the other one is breakout and retest trader. The breakout style, they take the entry when they see the price breakout and they never stop out. This style is not for the beginner. I lost couple thousands. Sean is patient and wait until the price pullback. So I feel much more comfortable and safe. Here are the reasons why I recommend this discord. 1. He alerts when he takes entry and exit (trim point also) 2. He is very transparent. He always shares what he is holding at the end of the day. 3. His live video also very informative and useful. 4. His trade is more like swing style. So it is rarely we missed the entry point. Also it is ok we take a little bit higher entry point than his. His target always cover it. 5. He always give us the stop loss price so we can manage at our own also alerts when he stop out.( I hate the service with no exit alerts just tracking the profit % and bragging about it) 6. I think the monthly membership fee is very affordable compare to other service. I tried expensive ones ($250) to cheaper one. His discord has a lot of features and resources and very organized. Also other traders are great. There is SPX 0dte trader and 3 other traders. 7. option flow data also very useful.
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19d ago
Sean and his team have been extremely helpful. His X daily trade focus list and the free chat in the server have been great in helping me become a better trader. Sean is also very responsive and you can tell he actually cares and wants to help.
How do I join the discord?
After completing your purchase, you'll receive an invitation link to join our Discord server.
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The Options Cartel
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121 reviews

The Options Cartel supports traders of all experience levels. We offer live trading alerts, charts, and focus on education to help you on your path to becoming a successful and independent trader.

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