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Automated Trading Community

Join our discord for FREE and get the FREE ROLE! This will allow you to make money from getting an affiliate link! So if you want to be an affiliate and promote our products to make you money, get this role!

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We LIVESTREAM multiple times a week and do backtesting session for our automated algos!
Supply & Demand Course
Members ($50 Subscription) get FREE Access to 5 Hour course ! Usually $450 Fee
Daily Updates
We post weekly plans for our autotraders, and also often do plans for our FREE community as well!
Automated Algos Testing
2 Times per week we do public autotrader testing and reviews for EVERYONE!
Day Trading Community
Active trading community where trading ideas are posted, questions are answered, and connections are made!
Customer Q&A
Q: I subscribed. How do I enter the private community?
A: Hi! Welcome to the community! Join this link here to join the discord! https://discord.gg/H5Hpm5Jr32
Asked on May 21, 2023
Q: Is there a trial period for this software and can it be back tested.
A: There is no trial period because we have monthly subscriptions that you can cancel whenever! And yes they can be backtested!
Asked on Jun 8, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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6 months ago
Being a relatively new trader,I have learned so much since joining this discord, my trading has become consistently profitable and Joey is a very attentive and hands on leader/mentor. Many Thanks, Its a good place to be.
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7 months ago
This guys busts his ass to create a quality algo and training I have learned so much, I feel bad there is only 5 stars he deserves a million stars
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Cristian M#0011
7 months ago
Joey is great guy, very knowledgeable about the futures market, really enjoy the trading room every morning
Do we allow refunds?
We do not offer refunds as what we offer in this discord is too valuable, but you may cancel at any time.
Where do I access the Livestreams?
We do Livestream and Share our screens every morning & we trade with everyone! All you need to do is join the "Morning Hangout" voice channel every morning or afternoon! (We do not show our exact trades or P&L LIVE because we do not want people to copy us blatantly)
Why do we not show exact trades?
We do not want people to blindly be copying our trades as that would have no benefit to you as a trader. We build people up to be sufficient traders on their own. We provide the tools and resources to make sure everyone will be able to make consistent money as a trader.
I bought my membership and am in the discord but don't see my membership ?
You must connect your Whop account that you purchased the membership on to your discord account. Then you should automatically get the "Member" role !
About the seller
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Trading β€’ Technical Analysis

5 reviews

We are here to help you become the BEST version of yourself as a trader. This discord is based solely around the education and perseverance of you all as traders. Join our private community and better yourself as a trader!

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