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A supportive community of traders

Join our exclusive Discord community to enhance your trading expertise. Receive real-time alerts for entry, exit, and more, and access 1000+ hours of unique content, from fundamentals to niche ideas. Reflect on each trade for growth, connect with traders worldwide, and follow easy-to-comprehend daily watchlists and strategy breakdowns. Grow as a trader with our supportive community!

*Nobody affiliated with Team2Trading is a financial advisor and no ideas or strategies should be taken as finacial advice. All ideas, alerts, and strategies are for entertainment purposes only. Investing / trading in the stock market is risky so please consult a licened financial advisor before doing so.

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Real-time Alerts
Once inside the community, you will receive real-time alerts for all entries, exits, watchlists and more.
Educational Content
Unlock hours of content - from fundamental basics to more niche trade ideas.
Community of Traders
Join an exclusive community of traders - discuss tips, strategies, risk management and all things trading
Watchlists & Breakdowns
With an easy and straight-forward Discord to follow - we provide daily watchlists and strategy breakdowns.
Trade Reviews
Reflection is the key to growth - after each trade we review our strategy, the outcome, and what we can do better.
Customer Q&A
Q: can I pay one month for a try ? if I do payment, where can I leave questions? do you reply me ? because I don't trade Option, only trade stocks.
A: Yes! You can cancel your membership easily at any time. I answer all questions I receive from members in discord as quickly as I can.
Asked on Sep 7, 2023
Q: I can't find out Team2 by Discord, and I try to send a message, but can't work
A: You can join the Discord server for your membership directly from the Your Orders page.  Just head over there and click on Claim Discord access, and it will ask you to connect your Discord account to Whop. In case you run into any trouble, we've got a guide called How do I access my Discord role perk? that can provide you with step-by-step help. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Whop support at the link below and they would love to help https://whop.com/support
Asked on Sep 7, 2023
Q: Hello Casey i am trying to sign up the membership, I would like to know if the live trading gonna be on voice live or texting alert
A: Thank you for the interest! For now the alerts are in chat format and typed out.
Asked on Oct 17, 2023
Q: Besides yourself are there other analysts/signal providers in the discord?
A: Hey! Thanks for the interest. No I am the only member providing alerts. This reduces noise and keeps the focus on 1 strategy with an easy to follow approach 👍
Asked on Oct 25, 2023
Q: Hi I after I entered my payment info and clicked subscribe. Nothing happens I tried both Apple Pay’ and credit card
A: I’m not seeing an issue. The customer service button on the bottom right should be able to assist you. They are really quick to respond 👍
Asked on Oct 23, 2023
Customer reviews
4.84 out of 5
(25 reviews)
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5d ago
Great service and discord group. Casey is a genuine guy (hard to come across in this industry) who works hard for his subscribers, providing them with a lot of good education along with posting his own trades and ultimately helping them be profitable while they learn how to go it alone. Well worth the investment. Thanks Casey.
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3 months ago
Casey is a great guy and trader and runs a great discord group. His strategy is straight forward and easy to learn. He is very willing to answer questions and puts a strong emphasis on risk management. This is a great discord group for anyone who trades but particularly for traders just starting out or those who have struggled to find a profitable strategy.
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3 months ago
Awesome trader and great Guy ! Very transparent and solid service provided by him .
Do you provide entries and exits for trades?
Yes! Although the main focus is teaching traders to find and execute trades on their own we do provide real time entries and exits for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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Founded by @cs_tradess (Casey). Team 2 Trading aims to provide trading education and equip traders with the tools they need to succeed without all of the noise.

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