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24 days ago
I joined Team 2 after watching Casey drop serious value on X, for FREE...His thoroughly detailed trade recaps taught me a lot, but I wanted to learn more and see everything in action live. The server is VERY LOW stress. The 2min strategy trading style is so simple, yet logical. Very detailed, yet easy to understand. It has been the one 'system' or 'edge' that is clicking for me and helping me gain confidence, and it's clear and 'simple' - such nice clean charts, not overloaded with indicators and excessive lines like mine had been. Team2 is the best trading/education community to be in, hands down. It's a small community so you don't get overwhelmed by chat spam, and can easily get answers from Casey. He's the only one running the server and doing alerts, so you don't have 200 channels with alerts from 20 different "analysts" that you can't even follow so you get analysis paralysis. All humble and helpful here, ZERO bullshit or furu vibes. I've been in maybe 5-7 other discords...sure they had some value here and there...but I just love it in Team2 more than anywhere else. It's easy to learn, easy to follow EXACTLY what Casey is thinking before, during, and after EVERY trade. Shoutout to Casey for all the energy he puts into the community....I feel he's the nicest, most humble, and willing to spread valuable knowledge out of all traders/Twitterers I've ever come across.... IMO he's the most calculated, level headed, easy to understand and learn from trader. There's NO panic sell vibes, NO revenge trading, NO fomo buys, no over emotion. Just trading what's in front of us on the charts, zone to zone, rinse and repeat. Holy shit! Plus, his style of trade alerting is my absolute favorite of anyone, and leaves ZERO confusion or surprise on any aspect of it, same with recaps. You know WHAT he's watching and WHY, WHEN he's entering and WHY, why he HOLDS, and why he EXITS. Very minimal losing trades (~80% win rate this week, and each trade averaging 30%ish gains, with runners 100%+), but when the inevitable losers come, we know when and why to cut because we learn RISK MANAGEMENT. He knows when to pounce, and when to call it quits. Now I just have to work on myself heh. THANK YOU DUDE!!
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a month ago
Great service and discord group. Casey is a genuine guy (hard to come across in this industry) who works hard for his subscribers, providing them with a lot of good education along with posting his own trades and ultimately helping them be profitable while they learn how to go it alone. Well worth the investment. Thanks Casey.
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4 months ago
Casey is a great guy and trader and runs a great discord group. His strategy is straight forward and easy to learn. He is very willing to answer questions and puts a strong emphasis on risk management. This is a great discord group for anyone who trades but particularly for traders just starting out or those who have struggled to find a profitable strategy.