Consistently educating yourself to learn the newest money-making strategies includes exploring areas that might seem intimidating at first. Forex is one of these areas.

Let’s get into what Forex is before hopping straight into a top list of communities that you can join to start profiting from the exciting and fast-paced game of trading global currencies with Forex. Or, if you're already all over Forex, jump straight to our list of the top 10 Forex Discord servers.

What is Forex?

Forex, which is also known as FX, is an abbreviation of foreign exchange and refers to the trading of global currencies in pairs, profiting from spreads as each currency moves in price.

While you might know very little about it, it’s one of the largest sectors in finance overall: in fact, Forex has a trading volume of over $6 trillion dollars daily, making it the largest financial market in the world.

Forex trading is the conversion of one country’s currency into that of another, and it’s made possible through a network of banks and financial institutions that you can interact with using online trading platforms. Traders pick a certain pair, for example, USD/YEN, which is the US Dollar (USD) against the Japanese Yen (YEN) and make a trade based on whether or not they think one will go up or down against the other.

It’s a highly complex game and often requires leverage–this means borrowing money to make a trade–to maximize profits as price fluctuations, known as pips, are incredibly small, equalling to 1/00th of 1%, or 0.0001. Currency pair pip movements can be quite volatile, allowing for potential profits, but with the leveraged trading aspect, you can lose money incredibly quickly as well.

Many people jump into Forex due to its fast money allure, but due to its complexity and volatility, this can be a costly mistake.

Joining an expert-led group will give you the best chance for success in Forex. Here are 10 top groups that you can join today to get you started in the right way:

🏆Top 10 Forex Discord Servers on Whop

1.🥇Market Fluidity University

market fludity Discord server

Founded in 2017 by Raja Banks, self -made Forex trader who learned that in order to succeed in the game, Market Fluidity teaches that one has to be fluid with strategies where others remain rigid.

Banks is an excellent teacher and caring mentor, so it’s no wonder that his private Discord group Market Fluidity University ranks at the top for Forex trading-related groups.

With a membership, you’ll gain access to an extensive course that will teach you all aspects of Forex from scratch, where you’ll learn how to read price action in a simplified manner, finding signals in the noise and managing risk effectively.

In addition to helping with technical analysis and understanding the Forex market and how it works as a whole, you’ll learn how to deal with common psychological mishaps that burden most traders, including FOMO, anxiety, and greed.

On top of all that, Market Fluidity University holds weekly livestreams where students can continue learning after having the essential knowledge base of the group’s course. 

Membership is currently priced at $138 per month or $700 for 6 months.

Join Market Fluidity University today!

2. The Currency Cave

the currency cave disord

Anthony Alvarenga, also known as MambaFX, worked hard from humble beginnings to climb to the heights of being a seven-figure Forex trader, and The Currency Cave is his very own private group that distills all of his master skills into actionable pieces of knowledge.

Currency Cave private members will benefit from live trading advice with 4 daily live trading sessions complete with Q&A’s so you can follow along and gain confidence before investing any of your own money.

You’ll also get access to exclusive trading strategies and members-only content that are all ingredients to the secret sauce of successful Forex traders who manage to achieve financial greatness.

The group provides live trading signals that you can act on in addition to the opportunity to receive 1 on 1 mentorship with MambaFX himself.

You can start inside of The Currency Cave for free and get access to their general chat immediately, and if you want to access the live trading signals channel and the other perks of the private group, pricing is set at $99 per month, $279 for 3 months or $1000 for a full year.

Find out more about The Currency Cave here

3. Big Gains Club

big gains club

Dreaming big is critical to succeeding at a high level in any game, and Forex is no exception to that. The Big Gains Club focuses on strategies that make future millionaires, so there is no shortage of big dreamers inside of the private Discord community.

Inside, you’ll be led by experts who will teach you all of the ins and outs of the Forex game, with complete guides in addition to live streaming and classes that will teach you how to chart, execute trades, manage risk and more.

Everyone inside wants their fellow Big Gains Club members to win, no matter what their level is. The group is full of traders at all levels, including seasoned experts leading the way and happily answering questions for absolute beginners and everyone in between. 

One of their standout features is daily livestreaming which happens at 9:30AM EST every morning at the market open so that you won’t have to embark on the Forex trading journey alone.

$114.99 per month will get you full access to the private community.

Explore Big Gains Club

4. NFX trading

nfx trading

NFX Trading was founded by Andrew, who is an incredibly well-versed trader in all areas, including Forex where he has booked multiple 7-figures in profits.

The private Discord community is full of winners, booking over $1million in profitable payouts that its members have made in the past 3 years since its inception.

Not only will you get access to a top community that you can learn from and ask questions to in real-time, but you’ll also get a streamlined, step-by-step course that covers all the aspects of the Forex game, making it approachable even for absolute beginners.

The course also includes 36 recorded videos including setups, live trades, and crucial mindset advice that will allow you to become a top profitable trader in any realm.

You’ll also get daily analysis of the market for top currency pairs, including EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

NFX Trading serves the Romanian market in addition to English speakers, and has 2 tiers of membership: Basic at €100 per month and Advanced at €150.

Join NFX Trading

5. schoolofgods

school of gods

Legendary Forex trader known as Apollo recently launched a group, schoolofgods, which distills all of his knowledge into a simple yet perfect plan that allows you to cash in without overthinking.

Driven by the will to be a fully free individual whose motto is to innovate and evolve, Apollo’s group is a home for those with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and drive to answer to no one but themselves.

As a private group member, you’ll start off by learning how to quickly snipe trades for perfect entries with an A-Z course that will school you on how to get the most accurate and profitable entries.

The community is supplemented with an exclusive Forex Simulator which lets you build the essential skills to become a profitable trader, along with a highly trained, cutting-edge A.I. tool that you can seek helpful advice from in real time, 24/7.

Pricing is set at $54.90 per month plus a one time initiation fee that will gain you access to Apollo and his group of Forex winners.

Read more about schoolofgods here

6. Phoenix Pips

phoenix pips

Phoenix Pips is a community that is highly specialized as a forex community that is known not only for its easy-to-act upon signals, but for its strong community focus.

Insiders of this private Discord group will be welcomed inside even if they are a total beginner and will gain immediate access to curated channels that are dedicated to expert education, market analysis, and beginner questions.

A channel with real-time trading sessions will allow you to trade alongside seasoned veterans so you can safely gain skills as you slowly transition to being able to confidently trade forex on your own.

The group offers a 1 day free trial to begin your journey, and after that, you can choose to either pay $15 per week, $40 per month, with monthly discounts of $60 for 2 months and $100 for 3 months.

Discover Phoenix Pips

7. Surge Notify

surge notify discord

For those of you who want a private community that covers not only forex but a diverse set of profitable trading opportunities so you can be the master of all markets, Surge Notify could be the group for you.

Included in the private Discord membership, you’ll get investment guides for crypto, including updated gem hunting so you can find opportunities with the highest upside potential. You’ll also learn how to manage risk and develop skills from trading resources and live help from members and experienced admins.

Forex live calls channel will push out real-time alerts that track the team of highly profitable and accurate traders so you can watch and learn from all of their moves.

Best of all, they’re beginner-friendly, so even if you know nothing about investing or forex, you are welcome to join.

Monthly membership is set at $99.

Become a member of Surge Notify

8. The Currency Merchant

the currency merchant

Forex trader @StkishTCM has a highlyl active X account where you can see that he has practiced what he is preaching for years, with public calls and spot-on advice that you can review on his page.

He recently launched a private Discord community, The Currency Merchant, which is where he gives back and shares his expert insights that bring clarity to the complex game of Forex.

The Currency Merchant’s VIP area is fully equipped with a vast content library that will school you on how forex trading pros think and behave to bag big profits.

You’ll be able to connect with tons of experienced traders and leverage their knowledge to create a winning strategy that works for you. The group also holds live calls that are also recorded so you can review them at your convenience.

VIP access to The Currency Merchant is currently priced at $100 per month.

Join The Currency Merchant



Extreme focus is a good winning strategy in trading, and with Z12 XAUUSD, this is exactly what you’ll get. One of the most well-tracked, high-volume, and predictable forex pairs is the Gold/US Dollar pair, which is known as XAU/USD.

Z12 XAUUSD is an absolute specialist private community led by top trader Goldguy who has years of experience in understanding the movements in gold prices, both up and down, securing profits in either direction.

The highly focused community boils down to sending 1-5 signals per day on the XAU/USD market so that you can act without needing to overthink and execute trades like a pro.

You will learn as you go with video breakdowns that explain why Goldguy is entering a trade and the technical analysis he uses to enter and exit trades with extreme precision.

Access to Goldguy’s daily signals and video breakdowns is £29.99 per month, and you have the option to get a lifetime deal of signals including copytrading and TV indicators for £199.99 per month. 

Read all about Z12 XAUUSD

10. Wealth Wave

wealth wave

Wealth Wave is a forex Discord server that is led by traders BENSWEALTHFX and Wealthy Eddy who have earned their stripes in forex and have the profits to prove it as active participants.

The group is dedicated to democratizing the financial knowledge and skills of the elite, dropping advice that will help absolute beginners learn to act and trade like the wealthiest and most skilled forex traders.

Ben and Eddy are always putting their money where their mouth is, posting trades live to the group and explaining their thinking behind every move so you can learn how to become a top trader like they are.

The VIP membership of Wealth Wave is always growing and updating its already extensive library of courses that will keep you informed on both time-tested and brand-new strategies that will make you a better trader.

The 7-day free trial makes the decision to join basically a no-brainer, and after that, pricing is set at £49.99 per month.

Join Wealth Wave!

Which Forex Discord Server is Best for Me?

Choosing a Forex Discord server that is best for you will depend on several factors, including what your initial budget is, your location, and the amount of time that you can commit.

In general, you shouldn’t trade Forex with less than $500 in funds that you don’t immediately need, in addition to the money that you will allocate toward your membership.

Make sure to compare the exact features of each of the groups and be respectful of your budget, and once you feel comfortable in your decision, jump in! Take advantage of free trials if they are offered as well to test out different groups.

How Does Forex Trading Work?

Forex trading involves buying and selling currencies on the open foreign exchange market, which is the highest-volume financial market in the world. It works through an interconnected global market that is open 24 hours a day each business day of the week, and trades are executed through a broker, typically on a platform like Metatrader.

Currencies are traded in pairs, which are known as the base and the quote currency. The base currency is the first in the pair.

You will make an investment based on whether or not you think a currency will go up or down against the other currency in the pair. If you think that the base currency will strengthen against the quote currency, you will buy a pair, and you can execute and profit from a sell order if you think the opposite will happen.

There are many factors that influence the price of currencies, most notably a country’s economic status and monetary policy. Geopolitical events and economic reports will also have an impact on currency prices.

Since the price fluctuations between pairs can be incredibly small, profit is calculated in pips, which is a factor of 0.0001. Traders can also borrow a significant amount of money, known as leverage, to make trades that are multiples larger than their account size, but this can get quite risky.

Success in trading Forex isn’t easy, and it’s definitely not a type of investing that beginners should do on their own.

What are the Risks of Trading Forex?

Before you think of getting into forex, you should be aware of the significant associated risks.

The biggest risk is that unless you have a huge budget, all of your trades will be highly leveraged, and due to the volatile nature of the market, you can lose your entire account in a single ill-timed wick in the wrong direction in a matter of minutes.

In general, trading is risky in the psychological sense due to the large degree of stress that many traders of any asset, including forex, report while executing trades, which sometimes includes incredibly costly mistakes when not trading with a clear mindset.

You’ll also have to face potential operational risks like having account connectivity issues and compromised funds, and without overall central regulation in the forex market, you will be at the mercy of your broker, so choosing a high quality broker is essential.

Enhance Your Chance at Forex Success With Whop!

Trading forex is a fast-paced, complex game of investing that has the potential to be both highly lucrative and equally as risky.

Rather than going it alone, join an expert-led community to give you the helping hand you’ll need to succeed as a Forex trader. Head over to our marketplace now to see a full list of all of the Forex groups that you can join, and best of luck!