When it comes to collectibles, most people might think that it’s necessary to deal with physical items in order to have ownership and scarcity. However, limited-production digital products are made possible with NFTs due to the nature of the individual identity that each of them has on the blockchain. This means that there’s a booming market for people who are trading these tokenized JPEGs, with some making significant amounts of money.

All of this technical talk might be confusing for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency or the concept of the blockchain, so we will start by answering some common questions about NFTs before moving into the list of the best NFT Discord servers.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. This means that each NFT, which is usually depicted as a picture or an animation, is made to be as unique and individual as a physical item.

This scarcity is possible because each NFT is minted as a single token whose ownership is verifiable on the blockchain. 

To put it simply, NFTs can only be owned by one person at a time, and the ownership goes deeper than just the media of the token on display, it is tied to a unique set of code that shows who owns it.

Why Resell NFTs?

While the market prices for each NFT can be quite volatile as with any other crypto asset, there are a number of benefits to reselling them.

One of the greatest benefits of collecting and reselling NFTs is that they are borderless and permissionless stores of value. This means that NFTs are able to be traded between individuals in any location, giving them many shared benefits of any other of the many digital products that you can profitably sell.

Additionally, many NFTs have cemented their name in pop culture, at least to a degree within the cryptocurrency community that owning them will always hold some value.

Since there are so many NFTs out there with new ones minting every day, it can be hard to get up to speed with which ones are worth buying and which aren’t, which is why it makes sense for any serious beginner to join a dedicated NFT community.

Without further ado, here is our list of the best NFT Discord servers that you can find right here on Whop.

🏆 The Best NFT Discord Servers

🥇 1. Pastel Alpha

pastel alpha

One of the best all-around crypto investing groups that focuses heavily on NFTs is Pastel Alpha. Since launching during a bear market environment in the summer of 2022, the group has learned to survive and thrive with the well-executed intention of generating its members' profits despite any market condition.

The group has curated information that is dropped early to its group members - who are a mix of traditional investors, NFT collectors, and crypto enthusiasts.

Pastel Alpha includes monitors that track raffles, mints and coins, in addition to other in-house tools like a profit bot that can give you a huge edge in this game. You’ll also be able to get access to many whitelist opportunities, meaning that you’ll be able to buy exclusive NFTs before they’re available to the public.

Pricing: Membership to their private Discord is currently priced at $350 per month.

👉Check out Pastel Alpha here

2. Mintech


Just like with all limited-production collectibles, NFT drops rely on speed and accuracy to be one of the first to secure a coveted item. However, NFTs require an additional step of minting the token in order to claim and own it. Minting an NFT can be slow and costly, but Mintech does this swiftly with minimal costs thanks to its proprietary software.

Their monthly membership fee grants access to their cutting-edge automation software, in addition to a Discord group that is complete with monitors and easily reachable support so that you can quickly understand how to use their tools to profit in the NFT market.

You’ll also get the news on the latest and most profitable NFT releases that you’ll be able to profitably snag with their software.

Pricing: $600 will grant you a full month of access to their software and private Discord group.

👉Check out Mintech here

3. MintedDAO


If you want to join an active and close community of helpful crypto and NFT insiders, MintedDAO is a great choice.

In addition to coverage for the popular blockchains like ETH and Solana, they have alpha for NFTs and more on fast emerging blockchains like NEAR. 

The group also has market updates and trade suggestions for the crypto and NFT market as a whole so that you can be a well-rounded investor in the entire space.
Plus, MintedDAO includes partnerships with top NFT bots that you can use at exclusively discounted prices as a group member.

Pricing: A monthly membership is set at $235 for one month access.

👉Check out MintedDAO here

4. Nifty Workshop

nifty workshop

Nifty Workshop was launched in the early days of the NFT craze back in February 2021, and it has stuck around and evolved to remain relevant in current market conditions.

Their highly experienced staff provides all the info you need to succeed in the NFT space even if you’re a beginner, including extensive guides on notable platforms and collections inside of their private Discord community.

The group provides the latest news in the form of daily reports complete with upcoming drops to keep your eye on.

Pricing: While many other extensive crypto and NFT-based alpha groups are in the premium price bracket, Nifty Workshop is an affordable option, currently priced at £35.00 per month.

👉Check out Nifty Workshop here

5. Project Whitelist

project whitelist

One of the most important factors for making it in the NFT game is the ability to get whitelisted for profitable projects, but for most people, this is a constant grind that is full of tons of L’s.

As its name suggests, Project Whitelist has made a goal of providing a high volume of whitelist spots so that you can be one of the few who are greenlit to access an NFT as soon as it launches. The group’s private Discord community presents plenty of opportunity in this realm, averaging 2-3 whitelist raffles a day.

In addition to whitelist raffles, you’ll be able to access proprietary software and bots that will track valuable statistics like latest mints and whale wallet activity.

Pricing: Their monthly membership fee of $80 per month can be paid in either fiat or cryptocurrency.

👉Check out Project Whitelist here

6. TheAgency

the agency

The Agency is an NFT and cryptocurrency alpha group that was founded by Cam Singh, who has been in the space since 2018.

Cam has taken his experience and put it into this value-packed members-only Discord community.

The group is staffed by a wide assortment of experts who specialize in NFT and crypto trading so that you can be profitable in all areas in this game. You’ll be able to act on opportunities with any budget, from mints that are totally free all the way to calls for more premium NFTs. 

In addition to the community complete with several different chats and call channels, you’ll gain access to tools that will grant you an edge in these markets.

Pricing: Monthly membership for The Agency is set at $69 per month, with the option for a 3-month discount rate of $160.

👉Check out TheAgency here

7. Matt’s Crypto

Matt Cobuzio is a cryptocurrency veteran, having put in several years during many bull and bear markets and emerging on top as a profitable investor. He gained a reputation in 2021 and 2022 for being particularly good with NFTs. Inside of his exclusive private community, Matt’s Crypto, he shares detailed knowledge about the NFT space, including the latest drop intel, analyst breakdowns and top picks, and a daily NFT calendar.

You’ll find a vibrant community with an Alpha chat where exclusive knowledge is shared inside a friendly and helpful setting.

Pricing: Although you won’t get the tools and software that some other groups offer, at $30 per month, it’s one of the cheapest ways to get access to top knowledge in the crypto and NFT space.

👉Check out Matt’s Crypto here

8. The Penthouse

the penthouse

Founded by Web3/crypto enthusiast @JoshBusd and former pro baseball player turned cryptocurrency investor @Brommmyy, The Penthouse is a private community dedicated to profitable NFT and cryptocurrency calls.

As a member of the exclusive Penthouse Alpha Hub Discord community, you’ll find early project alerts, trending mint bots, and whitelist opportunities.

The group also includes discounts and direct access to some of the best tools that you can use to capture every market opportunity there is.

Pricing: The Penthouse is known as a community that has a strong intention to help everyone inside win, and you can join for just $30 per month.

👉Check out The Penthouse here

9. Trident Kit

trident kit

In order to make the most out of profitably flipping NFTs, you will need to have access to tools that will allow you to squeeze the most out of the market. This is exactly what Trident Kit was made for.

Trident Kit is an All-in-One software that includes a hyper-fast minter, a smart Bidder and an airdrop farmer, making it a fully comprehensive toolkit for capitalizing on the NFT and crypto market.

With it, you’ll also be able to connect to and snipe NFTs on MagicEden, one of the largest NFT platforms. 

The private Discord community will allow you to access a team and a group of people that will answer any questions you might have in addition to sharing tips and tricks so you can use the software like a pro in no time.

Pricing: $99 per month will get you access to both the software and the community of Trident Kit.

👉Check out Trident Kit here

10. Corgi Calls

corgi calls

Managed by NFT veteran @punk7039, Corgi Calls is a dedicated Discord group with a diverse toolkit that can be your secret weapon for success in the web3 realm.

The private community has eight different channels for NFT coverage that are run by successful and reputable analysts, including daily updates for upcoming mints.As a member of Corgi Calls, you’ll also gain access to the Corgi Encyclopedia, a library of strategies and tools that is constantly updated to provide relevant advice so you don’t need to go elsewhere to buy a course on crypto and NFTs.

You’ll also get the chance of being whitelisted in their regular giveaways that come from the Corgi network of collab managers and crypto influencers.

Pricing: You can become a member of Corgi calls for $70 per month.

👉Check out Corgi Calls here

What Makes a Good NFT Discord Server?

If you do choose to join a private, paid community on Discord that is dedicated to NFTs, you need to make sure you pick a good one so that you can make the most of your investment.

A good group will have several key characteristics, including:

  • An experienced and preferably public founder
  • A strong team that supports them
  • Up-to-date information
  • An active and helpful community

It’s also helpful if you have access to software and tools, although these can become costly depending on their use case and capabilities.

Finally, you need to choose a group that fits your level and budget, as there are cheaper, beginner-friendly NFT Discord servers in addition to those on the other end of the cost and experience spectrum.

Get NFT Alpha From Seasoned Pros on Whop

whop nfts

If you’re looking for a good group to get some of the best alpha, you’re in the right place.

Whop’s marketplace standards and transparent reviews make it a great place to find a reputable NFT Discord server that can help you succeed.

Beginners can go from knowing nothing to minting and flipping their first NFT within days of joining a good group, and those with more experience can benefit from cutting-edge tools, software and strategies to capture even more opportunities than they’re already getting.

Being inside of a dedicated environment and a tight-knit crew of individuals who share the same goal is a great environment to be in as it is, and it’s even greater when combined with a niche expertise like NFT savviness. 

So, if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines or dabbling with mixed results, you might want to give one of these groups a shot. Success might just be one community away.