Longtime friends Jay, Mike, and Daniel founded Bounce Alerts in 2018 to provide insights, resources, and coaching for secondary market resellers. After five years in the business, the premium reselling community is home to over 1,000 members and generates over half a million dollars in annual recurring revenue.


Bounce Alerts initially used Hyper for managing their business. While off to a successful start, the owners needed more ways to market their community. Hyper’s platform offered zero exposure, traffic analytics, or a mobile app for managing the business on the go. As Bounce Alerts continued to scale, it became clear that the owners needed a better dashboard to support their growing community.


Bounce Alerts turned to Whop to address these challenges in March of 2022. The owners listed their page on the Whop Marketplace to showcase their community to over 1.2 million unique monthly visitors. They downloaded the Whop business app to manage their entire business from their phones. For additional growth opportunities, Bounce Alerts started an affiliate program and used Whop’s automated system to streamline affiliate registration and payouts.


23% membership growth

Bounce Alerts saw significant growth in memberships since switching over to Whop. Jay, Mike, and Daniel can track daily page visits using the Business Dashboard's stats page and use that data to optimize their ads and social media posts. The results speak for themselves.

”Seeing our daily page views has been huge for knowing what’s most effective for bringing in traffic” - Mike

$63,000 in additional recurring revenue through Affiliates

Bounce Alerts received a 7% boost in memberships through Marketplace and affiliate signups. Gaining these additional members would have been impossible on their previous platform.


Bounce Alerts received a 7% boost in memberships through Marketplace. By partnering with Whop, Bounce Alerts overcame its challenges and continued to scale as a business. Whop’s marketplace exposure, affiliate system, and analytics contributed to attracting new members and increasing revenue. With the continued support of Whop, Bounce Alerts is poised to continue its success in the reselling space!

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