Grayson is a profitable sports better who decided to turn his skill into a full-fledged business: Trident DFS. Founded in September 2022, Trident is a premium sports betting community where members pay access for high-value bets.


Trident DFS initially ran through Patreon, but Grayson quickly identified some problems with the platform. Members were constantly requesting affiliate programs & promo codes, both of which Trident was unable to offer through their dashboard. Grayson also had to turn attention away from the group to focus on marketing, as Patreon offered zero exposure to his community. The high 10% transaction fees also made starting a business from scratch tough.


Grayson moved his community over to Whop in February. His transaction fees lowered to 3%, and now Trident can offer promo codes and has launched a full-fledged affiliate program directly through the Whop dashboard. Grayson also listed Trident on Whop marketplace, showcasing the community to Whop's 1+ million+ users.

"I initially switched [to Whop] for the lower fees, but was pleasantly surprised by what the platform had to offer" - Grayson


15% membership boost directly through the marketplace

Shortly after joining the marketplace, Trident DFS rocketed to the top of the Trending charts. Grayson felt the effects immediately:

"Whop gives you so much more accessibility. When I tell a friend to look up my company, they instinctively head to and search me up."

In just a few weeks, Trident's membership size grew by 15% directly through the marketplace.

6 Promotional campaigns and 3 registered affiliates

Using Whop's promo code feature, Trident ran six separate promo code sales and registered three staff members as affiliates. Each affiliate automatically earns rewards for bringing in new members, something that was impossible on Patreon.

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