Monte is a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Virginia with a passion for building businesses. His latest venture, MySportPick, is a premium sports betting community that offers access to a rotating cast of elite betting analysts. Today, the group has nearly 800 active members, generating over 300k recurring revenue!


Mysportpick initially managed payments on the Memberful platform. Monte still managed to get his paid community off the ground, but there were apparent limitations with Memberful that would prevent the group from scaling. The interface offered little information about customers, no distribution channels to showcase the community, and the 5% transaction fees + $25 monthly rate left little room for error as Monte tried to build his business from scratch. As Monte put it, “There wasn’t any innovation. No new features were being added”.

MySportsPicks was on the trajectory to become something beyond just a side hustle, and Monte would need more analytics, marketing exposure, and lower fees.


“Someone from the team reached out, and I was immediately impressed” - Monte

In October 2022, Monte switched to Whop to manage his payments and memberships. His fees immediately lowered to 3% with no monthly charge, and Whop’s dashboard provided him with the required in-depth analytics on each community member Monte had wished for. MySportPick’s new landing page has also been listed on the Whop Marketplace for additional exposure, showcasing the community to 1.2 million monthly visitors.


20x Monthly Recurring Revenue

On Memberful, Monte was making 1.5k MRR. The change was night and day. By switching to Whop, Monte boosted his business with superior analytics and marketplace traffic. The results do the talking: Six months after switching, MySportPick scaled to over 29k MRR. Moreover, Monte has saved his business thousands of dollars in transaction fees.

”I think Whop makes it easy to scale infinitely” - Monte

195 marketplace referrals

MySportPick gained 195 signups directly through Whop Marketplace. To put this figure in perspective, the recurring revenue generated from these signups alone totals seven times greater than Monte’s MRR on Memberful.

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Find out more about MySportsPick here.