Memberful makes it easy to sell memberships - whether you’re an independent creator, a publisher, an educator, podcaster, or anything in between. But, if you’ve had a chance to use the platform yourself, you’ve probably experienced some of the many shortcomings it has. That’s why you’re searching for a Memberful alternative - and you’ve come to the right place.

As a digital creator, you’re only as good as the tools you have at your disposal. Think about it like this - an artist is limited by the canvas, paint, and brushes they use. In the same way, you’re limited by the platform you host your online community or sell your digital products on.

If you feel like you’re being held back by the platform you use to sell your products, it’s time to make a change. No longer will you be forced to settle for less or look for workarounds. Below, we’re going to introduce you to a powerful alternative to Memberful - one that overcomes all the limitations you have experienced and then some.

At Whop, we empower creators to grow their businesses effortlessly with a thriving marketplace filled with your ideal customers. Our solution offers better customization, a tailored affiliate program, lower transaction fees, and a suite of other benefits you’ll wish you’d discovered sooner.

Before we show you just how much better the experience can be for you and your members on Whop, let’s provide a brief introduction to Memberful for those who are still learning about their options.

What is Memberful?

If you’ve already used Memberful and are here because you’re fed up with its limitations, you can skip to the good part where we introduce you to a superior alternative. But those who are just starting out on their digital product creation journey should have a solid grasp on what exactly this platform is.

As the name suggests, Memberful is a platform where you can build and manage membership websites to monetize your content. A variety of creators call this place home - from bloggers to podcasters, artists, educators, and many others.

You can use Memberful whether you currently have an existing website or are looking to start from scratch. And, you can create virtually any type of subscription plan - monthly, annually, weekly, quarterly, fixed, one-time payments, group subscriptions, you name it.

The Common Pitfalls Memberful Creators Experience

Compared to many other online platforms for creators, Memberful actually does a good job supporting customization, offering a diverse range of subscription types, and providing customer support. This is surprising considering Memberful is a Patreon company - which we discussed the problems with in great detail in a separate article.

But there are a few reasons creators like you are seeking a Memberful alternative. Maybe you’ve already experienced some of these yourself. If not, consider yourself among the few lucky ones! Here are a few common pitfalls Memberful creators experience…

Dependency on Integrations Can Get Complex

The most common use for Memberful is as an integration for your existing website - such as Wordpress. And the ability to keep your existing URL and branding while adding a simple member portal is great.

But, this dependency on integrations can get quite complex - and if you don’t have a dev team on staff or don’t have time to deal with it yourself, this can present an ongoing challenge.

Limited Access to Marketing Tools Makes Growth More Challenging Than Necessary

If you have the greatest digital product in the world but struggle to get it in front of the right eyes, what’s the point?

There are so many different ways you can advertise and promote your digital product - but if these tools and tactics aren’t integrated directly into the platform you host your membership on, it means you’ll have to juggle a bunch of different software. That’s one of the problems with Memberful - the basics like affiliate marketing are missing.

In considering the time and cost that goes into managing this, this isn’t a good option. Not when there are solutions with tools integrated right into the platform!

Transaction Fees Cut into Your Hard Earned Profits

Most platforms on which you an host your members will charge some sort of fee - with platforms like Patreon or Gumroad taking 10%+ out of your pocket.

While Memberful is certainly more generous with its transaction fees at 4.9% across the board, this is still going to cut into your hard-earned profits. But, you’ll also have monthly costs of membership. These will be either $25/month or $100/month depending on which plan you use. Memberful does offer a starter plan, but you’ll quickly outgrow it - and the transaction fees are 10%.

Here are Some Specific Issues Memberful Creators Experience…

The three problems above are something you’re all too familiar with if you’ve used the platform yourself. Below, we’ll share some specific issues Memberful creators reported when asked what they didn’t like about the platform…

“Not being able to see how much revenue in a quick glance. I always have to dive through the payments and members to see how much we collected.” - Sunny, the Slate

“Not much control with file uploads. Would like the ability to bulk upload and delete files. It would be great to put uploads into folders.” - Kathy, Carry on Choir

“There are a few limitations when it comes to hyper-customizing things, like having multiple referral programs” - Joanna, Jo Club

Is There a Memberful Alternative That Addresses These Problems?

If you’ve experienced these issues yourself, we don’t have to remind you just how frustrating they can be. These problems are detrimental to the long-term success of your digital products business.

You need a solution that empowers you with better marketing tools to get your products in front of your ideal customers. And, you need to enjoy higher profitability along the way - since you’re the one who has done all the hard work.

In saying this, does such an alternative exist? What is the best Memberful alternative for creators like yourself? Look no further than Whop.

Introducing the Best Memberful Alternative for Creators in 2023: Whop

Whop is the best place to sell your thing online - no matter what that may be. We offer a hungry buying pool of more than 1 million customers along with a full suite of advanced marketing tools to power your growth.

And, we make it easier than ever to bring your membership over from a different platform or start from scratch. In just a few clicks, you’ll be positioned to make your first sale on Whop - keeping more of your income with lower transaction fees!

Here are some of the reasons our solution has come to be known as the premier alternative to Memberful…

Sell More Than Just Memberships

On Memberful, you can sell memberships to your community…and that’s about it. You can do that here at Whop too, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only do we make it easier than ever to monetize your Discord, Telegram, or other community, but you can sell other digital products along the way. That includes courses, digital downloads, SaaS products - you name it, we’re here to accommodate it.

And, you can charge for access to Discord or other membership groups however you see fit. We accept payments in national currencies and crypto from 135+ countries. You don’t have to leave your existing payment processor to leverage the power of Whop either - you can connect it as you make the transition.

Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Income in Your Pocket

You work tirelessly to build, grow, and manage your community or other digital products. So why should someone else be entitled to such a substantial chunk of your revenue?

While Memberful takes a minimum of 4.9% or as high as 10% - along with monthly subscription dues - we take a modest 3% across the board, no matter how much you earn. We don’t just take less of your money, either. We empower you to earn more.

Leverage a Hungry Marketplace & a Suite of Marketing Tools to Drive Unprecedented Growth

The biggest advantage of bringing your community over to Whop or selling your digital products through our platform is the access to a hungry marketplace of buyers interested in what you have to offer.

With Memberful, you need to drive traffic to your offers from elsewhere. But with Whop, the traffic is here just waiting to discover you! We have more than a million buyers navigating our marketplace, and you can climb the charts to get discovered effortlessly. Through our robust categorization, it’s easier than ever to get discovered by your ideal members or customers.

Plus, we offer a suite of marketing tools to drive unprecedented growth. For example, you can reward affiliates for referring new customers to you through a personalized, automated affiliate program. You can also leverage waitlists to generate hype and control your customer onboarding process. Other tools include raffles and promo codes - things you don’t have access to on other platforms like Memberful.

Just to show you an example of what’s possible on Whop, take TridentDFS for example. This established Patreon creator made the move over to Whop and enjoyed a 15% boost in membership as a result.

You can enjoy the same level of growth or higher by getting started today. And if you decide to pull the trigger, you’ll be delighted at how easy the transition is…

A Seamless Process From Start to Finish

Whether you’re just getting started building an online community or you’re bringing a huge community over from Memberful, you may be stressing about the process. Trust us, though - you’ve got nothing to worry about!

You can start selling in just a few clicks. We have a robust documentation section for developers, and our customer support team is on standby ready to help you navigate the road ahead.

Customizing your product page and online storefront at Whop is easy, too, as we support unique branding. Plus, we have a free in-house design service to help you stand out!

Real Reviews From Real Whop Creators

Still not convinced Whop is the Memberful alternative you’ve been searching near and far for? Don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the countless testemonials we’ve earned from real Whop creators…

“Speechless. I’m beyond shocked with how patient and helpful this team is. They helped me transition over to a new system in my server, took almost 2 days and they were with me the whole way. Besides the team whop is a great service and unbelievable what it has to offer. I’ve been here for a while and the new things that are constantly being changed and added blows my mind. You guys are taking over this area.” - Micah, the Collective

“I've been using Whop for a little over a month now and I'm truly impressed. The platform is easy to use and its graphic design services are top-notch. I've been able to create stunning visuals for my social media followers and the feedback has been great. I'm also really impressed with the support team. They are always available and ready to help with any issue I may have.” - Joe, Elusive

“We have moved all our services to Whop, and plan to exclusively use them for all our upcoming projects. We were impressed by their quick response times as well as their ability to provide individual solutions to complex issues. This was something that no other provider was able to address. The company's services extend beyond merely membership management. Rather, it focuses on supporting business owners with various tools that can help them expand and scale their business.” - Early, Cookbeast

Take a Look at the Whop Platform in Action and See Firsthand What Makes it the Best Memberful Alternative!

While Memberful is a better solution than many others out there, the best online community deserves the best platform - and that’s exactly what we offer here at Whop.

When you trust us as your host, you enjoy lower transaction fees, better customization, more intuitive marketing tactics, unparalleled customer support, and a thriving marketplace just waiting to join your community or buy your product. What more could you ask for in an alternative to Memberful?

👉 Get started using Whop today.