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Sports App

Sell access to sports betting picks.

Send all your picks straight to the phones of your members with the Sports App! Offer a Twitter like newsfeed of slips from all of your cappers, complete with bet information, screenshots, affiliate links, and more! Want to send out announcements or promo offers? no problem. The Sports App allows sellers to send labeled announcements and offers to their members too.

Deliver picks from all of your cappers through one streamlined newsfeed. It's like a private twitter for sports bets!
Embedded Links
Want members to use your affiliate link to tail? Embed your link within a post for extra conversions!
Bet Formatting
Add tags for odds, sport, unit, and bet type for any given post! This doesn't exist anywhere on the internet
Custom Notifications
Push real-time, branded notifications to your members phones
Who can see my Sports App feed?
Only owners of your products can see your sports app feed.
Can multiple cappers post bets through the Sports App?
Yes! You can grant post permissions to each of your cappers so that they can post on their own
Why would I use this instead of Discord or Telegram?
The sports app is more straight to the point than Discord, and more customizable than Telegram. It really is the only platform designed specifically for sports betting fans
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