Unleash your best game with BogeyBlasters, your ultimate golf community for personal growth on and off the course.

Included in your ACADEMY membership plan is the following:

  • Discord Access
  • Golf Academy Interview
  • Personalized Program
  • Video Calls with students
  • Swing Analysis Library
  • Golf & Program Review
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PGA Professional Services
Empowering you on and off the golf course
Academy & Programs
Tailored coaching to your skill level
Practice Range
Learn & discuss specific areas of the game
Swing Analysis Library
Breakdown of the worlds top players
Member Bonus Categories
Networking off course with opportunities in the world of business
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What is BogeyBlasters and how can it help me improve my game?
BogeyBlasters is a comprehensive platform providing tailored golf coaching, strategic golf discussions, pro player breakdowns, and networking opportunities.
Is there a specific skill level required to join BogeyBlasters?
No, BogeyBlasters is for golfers of all skill levels. We offer tailored coaching to match your ability.
What kind of coaching does BogeyBlasters offer?
We provide a program customized to you based on your skill level, specific needs and goals.
Will I become the next U.S. Open Champion?
NO, not happening... But, by chance a BOGEYBLASTER does. We'll be happy to let the world know that their from the best golf community in the world.
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BogeyBlasters is not just about the Golf game, but life beyond it as well. We are a golf community that aims to bring together enthusiastic golfers for a sublime blend of sports, learning, and networking. We focus on personalized skill development with tailored coaching, enabling players of all skill levels to boost their game. Our platform allows members to delve into detailed breakdowns of the world's top players, inspiring you to aim for the best. Beyond the course, we provide a networking platform packed with opportunities in the business world.