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Break The Odds

(308 reviews)

We leverage technology to find you the edge in the sports markets for sustainable profits

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100+ EV Plays Daily
Our exclusive +EV bot posts profitable bets daily
Algorithm Bots
+EV and Devigging bots for you to use at your leisure to help you gain the edge
Collaborative Community
Our community helps each other with questions, strategies, insights and more
Sportsbetting Resources
We've created our own betting guides to help you get up to speed ranging from basic terminology to +EV betting
Daily Recaps
Our team provides daily recaps and tracks all bets using Pikkit!
Customer Q&A
Q: Paid $1 for the trial. Didn’t get any information on how to join. Now what?
A: Hey you should receive an email from Whop directly to gain access. Looks like you're in the discord now, welcome!
Asked on Jul 29, 2023
Q: I enter my card info it tells me wrong address but I still get the $1 charge to my account. haven't been able to start my trial but have been charged.
A: If you're having trouble accessing the Discord please contact the Whop support using their chat bot feature. The $1 is just a holding fee.
Asked on Oct 14, 2023
Customer reviews
4.94 out of 5
(308 reviews)
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4d ago
Great group, especially love links for promos. So convenient to be able to knock them out quickly in the morning.
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13d ago
I have been using this service for a while and have had 0 complaints. Anything and everything you need to help your bets is included. Even if you don't feel like doing the work there are multiple free picks and promo plays daily. Great product and great service!
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13d ago
These guys constantly have winners. If given free service, I' would go with only them. Thank you for providing amazing services.
How do I navigate the Discord?
Use our New Member Onboarding Guide linked in the welcome message when you sign up!
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Break The Odds
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308 reviews

We leverage technology to find you the edge in the sports markets for sustainable profits