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Restock monitors
The discord has restock monitors.
The discord has giveaways.
MLB Prospect Information
The discord has MLB prospect information.
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The Discord has information on new releases.
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The discord has chat with the community.
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23 days ago
Just had an opportunity to use CardPurchaser Discord Server, And I have to say it was very pleasant. Everyone was very friendly and it was well populated. Once I signed up for the 3-day trial and the got access to the full server, the options grew enormously. There are numerous channels to use. Along with the normal buy sell trade channel, there are Twitter feeds from the main sports card companies so you never miss out on important news. You also get access to the MLB prospects information and MLB home run alerts. If you do the VIP trial also 3 days, You get access to even more channels that include retail monitors to be able to track and get the latest deals that allow you to buy and resell for profit. Overall I am very pleased with the server. If you are looking for a place to join with other collectors, that is definitely an option even though it does cost $5 for the member sections and $10 for the VIP sections per month. It is worth it though.
Purchased 25 days ago
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2 months ago
Good community
Purchased 2 months ago
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3 months ago
Everyone is respectful and helpful in offering advice. CP is the #1 card collector group on discord.
Purchased 5 months ago
Is this a reselling group?
This is a sports card focused group. Please be respectful to everyone. Some members are mainly collectors and other members are mainly resellers. The focus is always the cards.
What membership level do I need for monitors?
All membership levels come with access to the sports card restock monitors. With multiple monitor providers the #monitor-guide in the Discord will help you get set up!
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CardPurchaser Discord
Reselling • Collectibles

4 reviews

Members get access to the exclusive "CardPurchaser Discord" chat server. The chat server includes chat rooms for cards, sports, retail site monitors, a members Buy/Sell/Trade, even a place to share your auction listings with other members! Ask your card questions, share your card mail, and get to know the group! BENEFITS FOR MEMBERS: -Release schedules and information on upcoming sports card new releases! -4 sets of monitor providers to alert you about new card restocks becoming available from major retail and hobby providers! -Members Buy/Sell/Trade Areas