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What is Deals?

When you open up the Pandora's box of life hacks, you’ll realize that this game is full of an insane amount of different strategies, many of which can be totally mind-blowing. On top of food deals, price errors, AI, and general wellness life hacks, there are other deals that skilled developers and opportunists find and push to the life hacks groups on Whop’s marketplace. These life hacks have been expertly curated for maximum potential, so with them, you’ll be able to improve your overall well-being in health, wealth, and peace of mind. The membership fee for joining a life hacks group on Whop is nominal compared to the massive value you’ll be getting inside, which will pay off in more than money as you will learn lifelong skills from helpful experts, all inside of a community with tight camaraderie that fosters valuable connections and friendships. After joining one of these life hacks communities, you’ll become a money-making, life-optimizing opportunist who will never see the world through the same old lens of the typical normie again.