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(84 reviews)

Simplifying Trading πŸ“š

What's included with the membership?

  • EzAlgo Indicator Suite ($99/mo)
  • [AI] Trade Signals & Alerts ($49/mo)
  • Daily Market Analysis & Setups ($99/mo)
  • Weekly Livestreams w/ Pro Analysts (147/mo)
  • Long Term Plays ($147/mo)
  • Automated Forex Trading ($197/mo)
  • Network of 6 and 7 Figure Traders ($147/mo)
  • All Future Updates

That's $738 per month in value!

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User Manual

EzAlgo Indicator Suite
Receive instant access to the EzAlgo trading indicators
Trade Setups & Ideas
Daily trade setups & ideas for cryptocurrency
Trading Education
In-depth trading strategies and effective risk management techniques
Weekly Livestreams
Weekly livestreams with our Professional analysts
One On One Sessions
Personalized 1-on-1 coaching with veteran traders
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
4.67 out of 5
(84 reviews)
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1 month ago
EzAlgo....I had free access to the trading indicator for a while, after which I quickly paid for the monthly subscription. The ExAlgo indicator and Discord community has been a blessing. The indicator is for me one of the BEST indicators available. I learnt alot and I now trade with confidence and a good understanding of the charts. Thank you Team EzAlgo.
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1 month ago
I've only just joined up to this service, but so far I have no regrets at all. Seems quite user friendly and the discord community is very helpful
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2 months ago
As I write this review, I'm laughing about how skeptical I was 3–4 weeks ago. ************************************** --->> BOTTOM LINE<<--- EzTrades has, and still is, forklifting my entire trading game to another level. Granted, I am HUNGRY for success. You have to be if you want to be a profitable trader, and the EzTrades community, is overflowing with ridiculously successful traders. Real people seem to have a recipe for printing money. ************************************** EzTrades has some of the best indicators available, is extremely underpriced, and is even free to use. They show through their welcomed transparency how they are not there to profit from their members. In my opinion and experience, EzTrades is not only about their game-changing indicators, but also about the life-changing community you suddenly realize you're a part of. Admittedly, when I discovered EzTrades, I was already a conditioned skeptic. Which tends to happen naturally after someone throws so much of their time and money into dozens and literally dozens of free & paid groups, indicators, oscillators, signals, methods, strategies, etc. ************************************** Here is what EzAlgo Pro did for me, specifically. -= 1 =- EzAlgo Pro made reading a chart much more simplified and understandable. -= 2 =- EzAlgo Pro immediately showed me what to look for to place a confident trade. -= 3 =- taught me about proper risk management, a MUST for success. -= 4 =- EzAlgo Pro cleaned up and cleared out almost a hundred different indicators, oscillators, strategies, & methods I had researched, tested, tried, & tossed. -= 5 =- EzAlgo Pro simplified my process, from start to finish, by entirely eliminating the hodgepodge of tools I haphazardly stitched together. -= 6 =- EzAlgo Pro introduced me to the EzTrades community and exposed me to Sniper Pro & EzSMC, the only other indicators on my chart. ************************************** Is it worth it? Without a doubt or hesitation. I started with EzAlgo v.12 Pro, approximately 3 weeks prior to this review (( ( April 30th, 2024 ) )). EzAlgo v.13 was released a couple of days ago and has not lost an ounce of efficiency or effectiveness. ************************************** The community that is EzTrades, is helping me change my life right now. I'm a divorced, single father of 4, and it goes without saying that my resources are thin, trust is near non-existent, and time is in short supply. No matter what, my motivation always remains high because my incredible children inspire me every single day. I want to spend as much time with them as I possibly can, and make sure they have the best life imaginable. Earning financial freedom is not easy, but those of us who are hungry do not need easy, we just need possible. Believe in yourself and not only remember, but also KNOW now that you are in control of your own life. Action is the ONLY thing that will lead to success. Those of us who are willing to put in the dedication, have no choice but to succeed. ************************************** EzAlgo V.13 Pro = time and money VERY well spent **************************************
How accurate are the EzAlgo signals?
Accuracy largely depends on the asset, timeframe, and strategy. While the signals are great, they should only be used as confluence with our other inputs. On some backtests we've seen 90%+ accuracy, and on others we've seen <60%. We cannot time the market perfectly, but we do get very close.
Is the algo beginner-friendly?
Yes! EzAlgo simplifies trading heavily with its price action based inputs and removes guesswork for new traders.
Who are the analysts on your team?
We have multiple analysts, all who are extremely qualified in their fields, to provide signals, setups, and most importantly education. All of them are full-time traders.
Is this a signals group?
While we do offer signals in various markets, our focus is education. Learn from our trade setups & ideas and use our plethora of resources to trade smarter, not harder.
What is your Cancellation Policy?
You are able to cancel anytime inside your Whop account.
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Trading, Simplified. πŸ† EzTrades is a community built around educating and improving traders. Get access to veteran traders and world-class trading indicators to remove the guesswork of trading.