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Learn HOW to Become a Market Maker Trader✨and Secure at Least $1000 Monthly.⬛🟩📈

Chapter 1: [Humble Beginning] 🌱

  • Lecture 1: Introduction to Reading Price - 16:14
  • Lecture 2: OHLC x MMXM Beginning - 20:56

Chapter 2: [Seeing the Horizon] 🌤️

  • Lecture 3: How to Become a Master.. - 2:16:42
  • Lecture 4: Market Structure Part #1 - 32:48
  • Lecture 5: Market Structure Part #2 - 22:45
  • Lecture 6: Market Structure Shift - 24:07
  • Lecture 7: Structure Assembly - 36:51
  • Lecture 8: Rejection Block + MMXM Preview - 52:49
  • Lecture 9: Why 15 min Removes The Blur - 10:09
  • Lecture 10: ERL vs IRL & Swing Low/High - 36:39

Chapter 3: [Sharpening the Vision] 👁️

  • Lecture 11: The Ultimate Algorithm + FX4 Model Intro - 1:02:59
  • Lecture 12, Coding your own Algo - 33:33

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Proven Success Path
By the end of this course you will know everything you need to start passively making income with Trading!
Real-Time Insights
Achieve Mastery with the Time and Price Reading Techniques
Consistent Video Upload
Stay Ahead with 2-3 New Market Maker Videos Weekly
Pure ICT Trading (No BS)
Engage in Calls to Sharpen Your ICT Skills
Future Trading Strategies
Dominate the $NASDAQ Market with Effective Techniques
Forex Deep Expertise
Benefit from 8+ Years of EUR/USD Trading Knowledge
Mindset Mastery
Transform Your Trading Psychology for Lasting Success
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Customer reviews
4.92 out of 5
(52 reviews)
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15d ago
Fx4Living Thank you! You make understanding so easy.
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1 month ago
David has a gifted way of explaining (what can be seen as complex terms) in a simple manner, with no filler. He shows how the markets really work. Learning from someone with years of experience is very valuable. I especially enjoy his psychology talks and approach to the market. I feel, David is here for the right reasons - to genuinely help others. You will certainly learn news skills in his Bootcamp, both if you have years of experience, or a new trader on your journey. Thank you. Leo
User avatar
2 months ago
Love all the tools you make sir, blessings to you
What free content is available?
Enjoy Continuous Free Value on Discord and Twitter. Join Our Community for More!
What are the platform requirements?
Access Our Tools on TradingView – Use Discord Group for Communication
Is there a free trial available?
Currently No Free Trial, But Explore Our Free Tools on the Discord.
What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of digital products, refunds are not available.
Who is my mentor?
The Inner Circle Trader Known as ICT
About the seller
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52 reviews

ICT Trader for 8 years, I specialize in teaching Time and Price chart analysis, giving traders a unique perspective on analyzing the fascinating fractal nature of the market.