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In this wedding planning ebook, I cover everything from getting started with the planning process to making your wedding day uniquely personal. I emphasize the importance of making your wedding day personal and reflective of you and your partner's personalities and styles. I explored various ways to infuse personal touches, such as incorporating your favorite colors, hobbies, and interests into the event. I also talked about the benefits of personalizing your wedding, including reducing stress and anxiety, saving money, and creating a lasting memory that's meaningful and personal. By focusing on making your wedding day unique to yourself, you can create an experience that's unforgettable for you and your guests. Whether it's through non-traditional entertainment options, unique reception timelines, or out-of-the-box ideas, the possibilities for personalization are endless. So, let's work together to make your wedding day a true reflection of your love story and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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I'm someone that lives by the motto, "Life's too short to be unhappy." I thrive off of positive energy and the most joyful parts of life. Growing up, I used to run around with a camcorder filming family and friends, not knowing I'd be able to do that for a living. After several years of filming weddings, I've developed a passion for capturing each couple's unique chemistry. Without sounding too sappy, some of my fondest memories in life have been spent with these couples at their weddings.