How do I open a Resolution Center case?

Experienced a rough patch with a recent purchase? Fret not! Our Resolution Center is here to back you up. Let's dive in and see how it works!

How to request a refund

  1. Sign-in to Whop: Use your email and security code to login.
  2. Manage Membership: Visit your memberships page by clicking here.
  3. Find Your Membership: Select the blue 'Manage' button on the membership you wish to request a refund.
  4. Report issue: Use the 'Report issue' to start the refund process.
  5. Submit case: Select a reason and add details and screenshots to submit your case.

The Resolution Center serves as a direct channel for communication between you and the creator. Your refund request will be promptly directed to the creator initially, and if necessary, Whop will be available to intervene and assist.

💡 Looking for more help? Reach-out to our 24/7 live chat support team here.