How long does it take to resolve a case?

When you encounter a problem with a purchase, the process of resolving the issue can sometimes feel like a maze. It's important to know how things unfold so you can get a clear picture of what to expect. We're breaking down the timeline of case resolution, explaining the steps involved, and giving you insights into how you can play an active role in finding a solution that works for you.

7 day resolution window:

As soon as you submit your case the clock starts ticking. The merchant has a window of 7 days to respond to your case. During this time, they'll look into your concern, gather information, and communicate with you to address the problem.

The first 7 days are critical for resolving issues swiftly. Merchants who take advantage of this time to communicate with you demonstrate their dedication to your contentment and strive to avoid any further problems.

When Whop Steps In:

What happens if the merchant doesn't respond within those 7 days? Don't worry, you're not left hanging. If the merchant misses their chance to respond, your case is automatically passed on to Whop for review. Whop acts as an impartial third party, there to help mediate between you and the merchant. This step is in place to make sure that even if the merchant doesn't respond, your concerns are still being heard.

Whop's involvement underscores the importance of making sure your voice is heard and your issues are taken seriously. It ensures that your case doesn't get stuck in limbo due to a lack of merchant response.

Taking Control: Appealing Your Case

If the merchant denies your case, it's not the end of the road. You have the power to appeal their decision. Appealing gives you the chance to provide additional details, evidence, or insights that might have been missed earlier.

The appeal process is designed to be fair and transparent. It's your opportunity to present your side of the story, challenge the denial, and have your case re-evaluated. With Whop acting as the referee, both sides of the story are carefully considered to reach a balanced resolution.

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