Purchase & Access Information

1. Terms of Sale:

Eligibility: While Whop Marketplace allows customers to explore and purchase a range of digital products from various sellers, some products may have specific age or eligibility restrictions. It is imperative for customers to ensure they meet any stated requirements before making a purchase.

Product Listings: Products featured on the Whop Marketplace undergo a rigorous vetting process by our dedicated team. This ensures that the products adhere to our quality and accuracy standards. However, while we facilitate a platform for sellers, it's crucial to differentiate between companies using the Whop business dashboard and those listed on the Whop marketplace. Our strict vetting process is applied to entities wishing to join the Whop marketplace specifically.

Pricing: All prices set on the Whop Marketplace are determined solely by the respective seller. Whop doesn’t influence or modify these prices.

Taxes: Sellers have the discretion to make taxes inclusive or exclusive in the product's listed price. All tax details, including potential breakdowns, will be transparently displayed to customers during the checkout process.

Payment Methods: Whop facilitates payment in both fiat and cryptocurrency. For fiat transactions, customers can leverage Stripe and PayPal, ensuring a seamless payment process with no additional fees. For cryptocurrency transactions, the associated gas fees are transparently displayed and need the customer's acknowledgment before completing the purchase.

Order Confirmation: Upon successful purchase, customers will receive a confirmation notification via email, provided they have one registered. Additionally, customers can review their order history and access invoices through their dedicated Whop section anytime.

2. Digital Product Access & Usage:

Delivery: Once a purchase is finalized, the delivery method might vary based on the product's nature. In most scenarios, the delivery is instantaneous, with customers gaining immediate access through their Whop Hub. Here, sellers can set welcome messages and specific access instructions for their offerings.

Usage Restrictions: While Whop doesn't impose any universal restrictions on product usage, individual sellers may set their limitations. For instance, some sellers might restrict transferring purchased digital products between accounts, though this is a rare occurrence.

Licensing: For software-based products, sellers may limit access to a single device at a time. However, Whop doesn't dictate or control these licensing agreements, and they are solely at the discretion of the seller.

Duration of Access: The access duration for digital products depends on the seller's stipulated terms. Sellers have the flexibility to offer a variety of pricing and access models, such as renewal subscriptions, one-time lifetime access, or time-limited access with the possibility of extensions.

3. Return & Refund Policy:

Refund Eligibility: Refund requests are initiated through the Whop Resolution Center, where customers can communicate directly with sellers. If unresolved, customers can escalate their concerns to Whop after a 7-day waiting period. However, no claims can be made for products 30 days post-purchase. Each case is assessed individually, and Whop reserves the right to accept or deny refund requests based on its merits.

Process: Refund requests are facilitated through the Whop Resolution Center. Customers need to select the relevant payment, provide a reason for the refund request, and can optionally upload up to three files as supporting evidence.

Timeline: Upon a successful refund approval, customers can expect their funds to be reverted within 3-5 business days, subject to standard industry procedures.

Exchanges: Currently, Whop's policy allows only for refunds. Product exchanges are not supported at this time.

Please note that this document serves as an informative guide and should not be considered a substitute for our comprehensive Terms of Service (ToS). For a complete understanding of Whop's policies and guidelines, we strongly encourage all users to review our ToS. These guidelines are in place to ensure a safe, transparent, and rewarding experience for all users.