Review Guidelines

At Whop, we hold transparency and fairness in high regard. Our commitment extends to maintaining reliable reviews that safeguard the interests of both our users and creators. By upholding these standards, we create a trustworthy and positive experience for all. To ensure clarity on what is permissible and what is not, we have outlined the following guidelines for you to keep in mind:

What's expected?

  • Share genuine experiences, both positive and negative.
  • Don't post content that invades privacy or shares personal information.
  • Don't post distracting content and spam.
  • Don't use profanity, obscenities, or name-calling.
  • Don't leave remarks of harassment or threats.
  • Don't express hatred for people based on characteristics.
  • Don't include content to promote a company, website, author, or special offers.
  • Avoid reviews for incentives, discounts, or unauthorized compensation.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, such as reviewing your own products or services.
  • Avoid offensive or discriminatory remarks.
  • Mention specific features and functionalities.
  • Describe performance and standout aspects.
  • Provide tips for using the product or service.
  • Use constructive and respectful language.
  • Focus on the product or service, not personal characteristics.
  • Post honest reviews without manipulating ratings.

When are reviews approved?

All reviews are manually vetted and approved within 24 hours.

What do I do if my review isn't processed?

Please reach out to our customer support team. Contact our 24/7 live chat support team in the bottom right corner for help.

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